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General Information
Species 1/2 Ectonurite
1/2 Galvanic Mechamorph
DNA Source 1/2 Zs'Skayr
1/2 Unknown
Body Technological Ghost
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Intangibility
Optic Blasts
Limited Flight
Space Survivability
Movable Eye
Technological Possession
Technological Mimicry
Technology Enhancement
Enhanced Strength
Weaknesses Energy Attack Vulnerability
Electricity Vulnerability
Fire Vulnerability
Slow Flight
Used By Ben 10'000 (DoB10)

Zs'Skayr (B10:GF)

Appears in Death of Ben 10

Ben 10: Ghostly Future

Ectograde is the Biomnitrix 's fusion of Ectonurite and Galvanic Mechamorph DNA from the planet Anur Phaetos and moon Galvan B.

He is a fusion of Upgrade and Ghostfreak.


Ectograde has Ghostfreak's general body shape. He has large cuffs around his neck, upper arms, and waist. Wires lead from the cuff on his head into the Biomnitrix on his chest. There are also two wires leading from the Biomnitrix around his back. His skin strongly resembles Upgrade, with a single green ring for his eye. Green and black circuitry lead all around his body, and form a stripping pattern around his tail.

Powers and Abilities

Ectograde's powers are a fusion between those of Upgrade and Ghostfreak. Because of this, Ectograde acts like more powerful AmpFibian.

Ectograde can become intangible.

Ectograde can fire powerful optic blasts from his eye.

He possesses limited flight abilities, though he is quite slow when doing so.

Ectograde can shapeshift due to his liquid metal body. As such, he can also generate tentacles from his body. His eye can also move along his skin. This also makes him regenerative. His body consistency makes him elastic as well.

Ectograde also has the same technopathic powers as Upgrade, being able to possess, mimic, and enhance technology.


Ectograde is weak to energy-based attacks, as these can hit him whether he is intangible or not. His liquid-metal body makes him extra susceptible to electric and fire-based attacks.

Ectograde's optic blasts can also be deflected, as demonstrated by Eon on the Death of Ben 10 Chapter 5.

Whilst Ectograde is fully capable of flying, he is very slow whilst doing so. His fastest speed whilst flying is about as fast as 16 year old Ben can run while not using the Omnitrix to help him.


Death of Ben 10

Ectograde first appeared in the Death of Ben 10, Chapter 5. He was used instinctively by Ben 10'000 to attack Eon, although Eon easily deflected his optic blast.

Ben 10: Ghostly Future

Ectograde is used by Zs' Skayr in Ben 10: Ghostly Future, Chapter 2: Final Destination. After gaining Albedo's Biomnitrix, Zs'Skayr uses Ectograde to kill David De'Mero and hijack his car. He is later used to hijack another car and drop Ben off a cliff, though he failed as Ben used Clockwork and Spidermonkey to escape and the car is smashed on the rocks below. Zs'Skayr then transforms into him again to demonstrate his abilities to Ben and Albedo.


Death of Ben 10

Ben 10: Ghostly Future


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