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General Information


Home Planet:

Anur Phaetos

Other Info
Crimes: Possessing Azmuth and forcing Ben to give the Ultratrix and Attacking Shade demanding the Ultratrix.
Goal: Unknown
Abilities: See Ghostfreak
1st appearance: Ghostly Simple
Arch-enemy: Shade Erebius
Henchmen/Leader: -

Ecto is an Ectonourite bounty hunter. He first appeared in Ghostly Simple where he possessed Azmuth into giving him the Ultratrix.


He is a normal Ectonourite form. He is more powerful than Ben's Ghostfreak. He can fire Blue energy from his hands, use telekinesis and control the power of the moon. Using the moon's power, he can fire white balls of light (resembling the moon). He has many paraphernalia, like Ice blaster, Heat-thrower or Energy absorption guns. According to what most people said, Ecto has released himself from the Ecto-Lord's hive mind,


  • Sun
  • Light (not the moon)


  • Ghostly Simple was Tennantfan's idea. His idea was that Zs'Skayr possessed Azmuth and asked Ben to give him, I changed the facts to Ecto's.
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