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                      This is an episode of the series Evfnye 10.

Ecologic Fuel is the twenty-fifth episode of Evfnye 10.


After a long travel from the Moon, Evfnye uses Grey Matter to fix his spaceship, and says he needs some ecologic fuel for his means of transportation. He decides to transform into XLR8 to search for some plants that can grow particularly fast. He runs at a fast rate to collect some bamboo, and quickly cuts it down. He returns and brews some fuel, but he recognizes this isn't ecologic, because he will still have to cut down bamboo. He times out and starts planting, as his headquarter is near the forest. He recognizes this as a boring job, and decides to try out a new alien, hoping he will speed up the work. He gets an alien named Wildvine, which is a walking plant himself. He tries to plant himself in the ground, then tries make the plants accelerate growing. He uses his explosive seeds and plants them to make them grow and collects them, but suddenly gets obsessed and makes too many of these seeds. He gets tired and times out. He doesn't want to collect all the seeds, not knowing they grow excessively fast. He relaxes without suspecting nothing, but after a while he notices some vines entering he window. He exits out, and is upset, because vines did not create a good thing for fuel, but grew into an insane traphouse of plants. Evfnye is even a bit scared and understands once again his mistakes, as he was too excited trying his new alien out without knoing him, not thinking about the consequences. He goes Four Arms and uses his horns to destroy the leftover vines, then collects them and brings to the brewer of fuel; then he times out. He finally understands the essence of that plants Wildvine creates and analyzes them in the chemistry lab in his HQ.

Noteworthy Events

  • Evfnye fixes his spaceship and works towards creating an ecologic fuel.
  • Wildvine makes his debut.


Aliens Used


  • This episode features a flashback from the episode No Problem!.
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