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Knights of the Sword
Season 1, Episode 13
Season 1 finally poster
Poster (yes Ik it's spelled finale it was a grammar error that I'm too lazy to fix)
Air date June 30th
Written by Skleiman
Episode Guide
The End of the World and How We Saw it Coming
Fame and How It Affected My Life

Echtoros and How We Faced Him is the 13th and finale episode of season 1 of Knights of the Sword. It is told by Ed

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SEASON FINALE!!!! WOOT!!!! I never thought this series would be SO popular.

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Writing this episode was A BLAST and I hope you enjoy it as well.

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There alot of spoilers for season 2 I put in the DVD check it out.

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TO ALL 21 FANS OF THE SHOW THAT SUPPORT THIS. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tell me what you think about the episode and how I should improve. I'll read evry comment. Promise.


Part 1: Explaining[]

Before I get to the part about me screaming "no" I need to back up a little. Back to the choice between Artie and Echtoro's freedom. It was the first time Diagon took over my mind and well he didnt actually take over my mind but still. He influenced my thoughts. What I thoguht was my thought was actually what he told me. It took all my willpower and loyalship to Artie and Will to break out of it. I still did what diagon wanted me to I just did it for the right reasons.

When Artie got out of the container I was about to start being angry at him but then I remembered what he just been through so i decided to ease up on him. When I heard Echtoros say that Will will complete the the prophecy as Diagon wants it kind of frightened me. Up to that point I was sure that the prophecy had said that diagon will fail and that was why diagon said that "Prophecies were broken in the past and they shall again!". But when Echtoros said that Will would fulfill his prophecy the way Diagon would want him to it totaly messed my idea of what was happening up. It also totally scared me since the propehcy wasn't 100% saying that we will defeat Diagon meaning...... it's bad!

Part 2: THE BATTLE of the Ages (untill the series finale :P)[]

Ok... fast forward to the part when I screamed "no". Maybe I overreacted, I mean she wasn't dead but still I had the reasons. She was seconds away from death plus she was totally self defenseless. It was really wierd that she chose to die first. That was moment I TOATLY lost hope. Suddenly when Echtoros was about to push the button that activated the energy drain Jane cast a spell on the energy container.

"Industria coniungere me" (see google translate latin to English).

A small portion of the power in the container left it and entered Jane's body making her slightly orange glowing.

"You may be protected from my magic but youre items aren't. esse Liberum"

The power she absorbed got out of her body and wrapped around her neck thing and it broke then it came to us and broke out chains and then it disappeared. I was like "WOW" and I starred at her. Vilgax immideatly fled the room and I guess Echtoros is better at reaction than me because while I was starring at Jane he shot an energy beam using his staff at Jane who fell down badly injured.

Rage filed me. I took the sword and blasted a wind that tore apart most of Echtoros's evil lair. The wind turned into a full out tornado that wrecked apart evrything in its path and was heading for Echtoros but then he used his staff to rederict the tornado to attack me. I made the sword longer, reaching the tornado before it came to me and I used the sword to smash the tornado (yes, it could do that), then I threw the sword at Echtoros with insane speed and it almost cut him in half when he blasted the sword so it will go back on me, I caught since my sword can automaticly return to my hand at my will.

"Will, Artie, HELP ME!"

They run to my side but were blasted out of the way by Echtoros. Echtoros blasted me and I quickly used the sword to block his attacks I threw the sword at Echtoros turning it into a snake

"ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Echtoros shouted.

Suddenly Echtoros used his staff to destroy the snake into tiny bits. The sword reappeared in my hand but his attack on the sword made me so weak I fell to the ground. I didn't faint but I barely had the enrgy to move my fingers. I looked at what happened next.

"With no more interruptions I shall revive the diagon. Your lives are meaningless and can be destroyed when he comes."


"No" I said.

I tried to get up but failed. It was it. The end of the world was coming no matter what. All my attempts to stop him failed. Now I had to watch miserably as he summoned Diagon. It was all ending. He started to chant the spell.

"Venit et resurget creatura umbras. Venit semel languidis tua perdidit potestatem. Tua tenebris marcam creatura umbras revertetur ad hoc mundi. Venit et surgere, Dago - "

He was about to finish what seemed like the last word saying "Dagon" but all of a sudden he gasped breaking the spell. Then he fell and I saw that behind him was Vilgax. Or at least his body was. Then all of a sudden Echtoros rose.

"Diagon thought he could use me? Yeah right. When we will he learn that I'm used by no one. I serve no one. Vilgax, conquer of 10 worlds serves no one."

He laughed an evil laugh. I guessed Vilgax took over Echtoros's body. He then looked at me and I was sure I was toast. I didn't have the energy to fight yet.

"Ah, Ed. I remember you. Some time over a month ago I tried to get that sword of yours. It is nothing compared to what I'm going for this time. I'm going to let you live as a thank you for your help today but if you interfir with my plans you're as good as dead."

And with that he left the destroyed lair. When I could finally get up I got my friends up. All of them fainted so they missed it. Will started to immideatly question me about what happened with Ehtoros and Vilgax.

"Did we win? Did Diagon escape? Is it over?"

"Well kinda. I don't know. We won this battle Will. Diagon won't probably come back for a long time but I don't think the war is over. Not yet."


  • Ed (Story Teller)
  • Will
  • Artie
  • Azmuth


  • Echtoros (Deceased)
  • Diagon (Almost)
  • Vilgax (inside Echtoros's body)
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