Echtor, also known as The Man in the Shadows is the main villian in Season 2 of Knight of All Knights.

Knight of All Knights


He went to Camp Bellator ROMAE where he became friends with Richard the III and General Will. However, he became corrupt and greedy, and killed Darius the V. His friends discovered this, and thus they became enemies. He would nearly kill Richard the III, but Echtor would be fatally wounded by Will.


He would meet a mysterious creature, who would bring him back to life, about 20–30 years later. Taking the name, " The Man in the Shadows " , he traveled to a roman army general, whom he killed, after learing the location of an old enemy, General Will. A few days later, he arrived at La Empira, and killed General Will. Much later, George and James learned about his death.

4 Weeks later, he went to Camp Bellator ROMAE, his old home. He saw it in Ruins and went back to the cave. He also talked to the monster that was haunting George.

6 weeks later, he went to James's Wedding and killed his wife and his unborn child. George fought againest him for the first time and saw him for the first time, in a nightmare.

George went after the Man in the Shadows by going to his Mom. The Man in the Shadows caused Clifton's horse to die and nearly died himself. However, he was still alive and killed George's Mom. He taunted them, and told them were he was heading next.

He met up with Patrick, who knew he was Echtor. Patrick would be killed, and then he would injure James. Echtor revealed himself, and explained how he was alive.

He would attack Clifton and fail, and then ask the creature to move them foward in them. He attacked George and the gang, and his wish was granted. He later hid in future Rome, killing a man for his clothes, then getting powers and attacking them. In a temple, he was revealed to be Diagon's Pawn and as he died, Rome was destroyed by Diagon, and Diagon's name was revealed.

At last, Echtor would only survive in the memories of James and George. By the time of KOTS, no one would ever know who he was.

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