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General Information
Species ½ Sonorosian
½ Unknown
Body Small Pterodactyl Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sonic Squawks
Self Duplication
Energy Beams
Propulsion Blast
Retractable Wings
Space Survivability
Enhanced Speed
Equipment Containment Suit
First Appearance An Old Switcheroo

Echodactyl is a fusion of Echo Echo's and Astrodactyl's DNA. He cannot be accessed unless the Omnitrix is damaged or by using the Biomnitrix.

and Abilities

Echodactyl has sonokinesis and audiokinesis in which he exploits by using "Sonic Squawks". His Sonorosian half allows him to duplicate himself as well. Through Astrodactyl's half, Echodactyl has retractable wings that grant him enhanced speed and flight. He can also still use his energy beams via mouth and use his propulsion blast through his jetpack.

It is unknown if he still possesses his energy whips.


Being half Sonorosiansss, Echodactyl still lacks durability and can be destroyed by his own Sonic Squawks and energy beams, as seen in An Old Switcheroo.


Ben 10: Galactic Legends

  • Echodactyl first appeared in An Old Switcheroo to catch The Dark One, but ended up defeating himself when all his clones hit each other with their Sonic Squawks.


  • Like Astrodactyl, Echodactyl squawks like a parrot when excited or attacking.
  • Echodactyl's Sonic Squawks are green in color and shaped like Echo Echo's Sonic Screams.
  • Insanedude24 from DeviantArt created this alien.