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Echo Echo Omnivurs Overwrite is a show created by Echoson where writen Echo Echo Omnivurs episodes shall be put.

EEO is January 1, 2014's featured series! Thank all who voted!

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This takes place in Omnivurs with a eleven year old Sonorasian who got the Omnitrix by accident by his best friend Cannonbolt and now uses his powers for good with his partner Swamps and his frenimy Heatblast. Some episodes take place in the real world with Ben in Omniverse. There is sometimes flashback episodes with OS, OV flashback, AF and UA.


Main Chracters


Those who are Bold shows they already appeared.

  • Heatblast (A female counterpart who is Echo Echo's frenemy)
  • Master Brainstorm
  • Wildpup (Echo Echo's pet)
  • Ben Tennyson (UA, OS, OV, AF, 11, real world hero)
  • Kevin Levin
  • Gwen Tennyson
  • Rook Blonko
  • Sonic (EEO)
  • That Guy
  • Prof. Fibian
  • Freed Feedback (A Conductoid who is free from Echo Echo's Omnitrix and now lives with him)
  • Bloxx (A stay which come and live with them and also the best friend of Feedback)
  • Koko
  • LatA
  • Arcticguana (EEO)
  • Janitor Goop (A janitor who cleans Omnivurs)



  • Vulkanus
  • Volume
  • Halware
  • Sound (Dimension 23 version of Volume)
  • Nachos

List Of Aliens

These are a list of aliens of Echo Echo. Bold means appeared while normal have not appeared. Italic means planning to appear. (Please add what I miss)

Ultimate Forms


instead of having an Epiosode Guide, we have the episodes here!

Season One

Season Two

  • TBA Attack
  • Flaming Hot
  • The Ultimate Jealousy
  • OmniTure
  • From Halware To Kalware


Fan List

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See The Helper Of Omnivurs.

Fan Episode

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  • This is my first ever series.
  • I chose doing comics because writing is unoriginal, but it will still be in it.

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