Echo Echo is the Omnimatrix V's DNA sample of a Sonorosian from the planet Sonorosia.


Echo Echo is a short, bipedal alien. His main colors are white, and black. He has a pair of black headphones, connected to his head, with two black cords leading to the MP3-player like device on his back. He has two sets of circle-like indents on his body, which are all colored black, like ports. These are on both his hand and his shoulder.

Echo Echo has cassette tape-like items in his legs. His Omnimatrix V is on his forehead. He has green eyes, and the inside of his mouth is green.

Powers and Abilities


Echo Echo possesses the ability to both duplicate himself, and project sonic waves through a 'scream'.

His screams can go from audible, to ultrasonic, which can stop projectiles, or even overload technology. His ability to duplicate himself allows him to create clones, quickly. By using these two, Echo Echo creates a wall of sound, where projectiles are redirected and bounced off of other Echo's. He can even create an echo chamber, disorienting his enemies while they're surrounded. 

Echo Echo has the ability to use echolocation. Which allows him to find others, easily.

Echo Echo has the power to detect vibrations in the ground, and use vibrations to enhance his attacks.

Echo Echo can transmit sound waves through various objects, like speakers, or phones. He can also use his sound waves to create forcefields.


Echo Echo has a fragile body, which makes him much weaker physically than the other aliens. 


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