Echo is the main protagonist of Shining Moon.


Echo is currently 17 years old in the first season of Shining Moon. He has blue eyes and light blonde hair that is medium length, and a little spiky in the front. He wears a black shirt with an image of a animated hot tamale dancer on it. He has blue jeans and dark shoes. The front half of his shoes are yellow, with another yellow stripe in the back. Echo has a pendant with a silver crown symbol that he usually wears. He also has finger-less gloves that are blue and white.


He is good and kind to all, but can be a bit shy. He values his friends more than anything in the world and will go to great lengths to be there for them. He has always been considered very mature for his age since since he was 10. Echo makes friends very easily and gives anyone he meets a chance, which makes him a bit naive as well.

Powers & Abilities


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