Ebenso is a main character in the series Den -10. He was one of the Contrairo's ship crew. His full name is Ebenso Dhubailt. His name comess from ebenso, the german word for "ditto".

Biography and personality

Ebenso is very serious and doesn't laugh much. He is the leader of the team, and he takes it very serious. He would do anything to protect his friends. He hates his powers, thinking he could suvive better without them. He usually fights with Vroma Myga about who will be the leader.

Ebenso was born in 2025, (he is 30 years old in the series) on the planet Hathor. When he was young, his parents were killed in a earthquake. After that, he raised himself alone. When he was 20, in the year 2045, he went to work in a cargo ship for 10 years, until he was sucked with his team-mates into a black hole, that sent him into the opposite dimension...


  • Cloning himself as much as he wants


  • If one clone is hurt, all others will feel it too
  • If one clone dies, all die

Species and Planet

Species: Splixson

Planet: Hathor


Ebenso is a normal Splixson, he doesn't have anything special (except of his gun)



Ebenso most used weapon, he carries it everywhere. It is a grey laser gun. The special thing about it is that it clones when Ebenso clones himself. It was given to Ebenso by Nengyuan. It appeared every episode Ebenso appeared.

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