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(eatle makes dammssss) is a fan made episode of Ben 10: Stupidity Force. It is written by (jacob mason).


ben 10 stupidly force
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date 23rd may 2012
Written by jacob mason
Directed by jacob mason
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when ben as eatle destroys the dam it acctrualy awakens the megawats and ben has to rebuild and trap the megawats can ben do them both


The story starts as ben walking to the front of the school where cash and JT are waiting for him to give him a wedgie and ben dosent like it and trys to turn into rath but gwen stops him and they both leaves

Later that day...... kevins has a signal that darkstar is attacking the dam and to drown the city so ben goes to stop him. when they get there they see darkstar is breaking the dam so ben turns into eatle and jumps to persut ds and darkstar allready knows that ben is here so he shoots at ben but eatle eats the blasts and shoots them at darkstar but he dodge and the blast hits the dam and alot of water comes out so ben turns into ripjaws to swim away,

When ben gets out of the water he cant find darkstar but he cant and after a coulple of mins he finds a dead darkstar and this made ben worried that this is his first murder to a human. and then he gets shot by a lighting blast it appers to be the megawatts this makes ben really unhappy so he turns into fastrack and trys to attack the megawatts but they are too fast

to be continued.


  • ben tennyson
  • gwen tennyson
  • kevin levin
  • cash
  • JT
  • dam manager


  • darkstar (deseased)
  • megawatts (debut since orginal series)

  • ===


Aliens Used[]

    • eatle
    • fastrack
    • ripjaws
    • rath(metchond)