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Nega Eatle is the Negatrix's DNA sample of an Oryctini from the planet Coleop Terra.



Black Eatle is a 10-feet-tall robotic, humanoid-insect alien with some shark-like characteristics as well. He is dark red, almost purple, and grey in color. He has a long horn on the top of his head connected to a shorter protrusion on the back of his head and a large mouth that spread over part of his chest. He also has a green and white belt where the Negatrix symbol is located, grey wristbands, oval-shaped eyes, and the inside of his mouth is green.


Violet Eatle's upper lip is completely covered by his lower lip, which has different teeth. He has a blue tongue and his horn has forks at the top, making it resemble that of a Japanese rhinoceros beetle. He has two toes on his feet, and spikes on his arms and the backs of his legs, as well as two longer ones on either side of his mouth. He is blue and grey without any suit. The Negatrix symbol is located on his chest.

Powers and Abilities 

Similar to Upchuck, Nega Eatle has the ability to eat just about anything and then convert the materials' matter into energy to shoot a green laser beam out of the slot on his horn. The beam is powerful enough to cut a floating mountain of Ledgerdomain in half and even hold down a Lucubra-enhanced Vilgax.

Both Nega Eatles can run very fast, and in addition to shooting lasers, his horn can also be used as a very effective battering ram; both of these feats were shown during his fight with Vilgax.

Nega Eatle has enhanced durability, as seen when he was able to withstand Carl Nesmith's glove's laser, which was able to injure a Chronosapien and kill a human with a single shot.

Both have enhanced strength, as Black is able to crush Carl's glove, grab a Ship-enhanced Julie before pushing her through several walls of her house without stopping, and rip off the bumper of Kevin's car.

Nega Eatle has sharp claws that can help him climb up walls, as shown when he clambered up Charmcaster's machine. He is also quite agile, as he could quickly jump over a stone creature and up to the machine.

While Black Eatle is much more durable and can shoot a single concentrated beam of energy, Violet can hover and shoot two beams, although his skin is less resistant.


Black Eatle has a blind spot due to his eye placement, making him very easy to sneak up on. Violet lacks this weakness, however, as his eyes are much farther apart.

Unlike Upchuck, there is a limit to how much solid matter Nega Eatle can consume, as he found it impossible to completely devour Charmcaster's machine.

Nega Eatle may unaccountably try to eat something against his interests, such as the remains of the Tenn-Speed.

Nega Eatle is rather heavy, so his weight may serve as a problem when he is fighting on short or slim objects.

Being an Oryctini, Nega Eatle is weak against his natural predator.

Nega Eatle cannot eat materials such as Kryptonite because it is not particularly hearty and just radioactive.




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