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Earth may refer to:


  • Earth, also known as Earth-Prime, the real-life planet, not specific to any universe or continuity.


The BTFF Multiverse

  • Earth-1100, the continuity of the Rebootedverse
  • Earth-1218, the continuity owned by Slush7450
  • Earth-2101, the continuity of Prototype.
  • Earth-2018, the continuity of Ben 10: Time's End.
  • Earth-2048, the continuity of Ben 10: Restart.
  • Earth-3627, the continuity of Derek-10
  • Earth-5421, the continuity of Dimensional.
  • Earth-6X7E, the continuity of EX 10
  • Earth-12011, the continuity of Alpha, The Mig X Franchise, The Enigma Sleuths, & Prototype: Genesis.
  • Earth-42069, the continuity of Ben Ten + 0 and Ben Ten + 0: Season Two: The Unleashed Reload
  • Earth-775775, the continuity of the Age of the Unitrix.
  • Earth-R10, the continuity of Ry-10
    • Earth 7X7889, home planet of Edward Miguel Dennox

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