General Information
Star System Sol
Entity Type Planet
Environment Varied
Habitability Very Habitable
Sapient Species Humans (native)
Non-Sapient Species Various
Non-Native Species Various

Earth is a pivotal planet that is home to the Human Race among many many other species in Earth-1010. It has played a major role in Death of Ben 10, Ben 10: Reboot Revolution, and Ben 10: Delta Days. It also appeared in the Ben 10: Road Trip episode Burning Bridges, but will have a less significant role in that series.


Earth is, despite its comparatively weak native dominant species, the single most important planet in the multiverse. In nearly every timeline it is home to some version of Ben Tennyson or his cousin Gwen Tennyson. Although the planet had no influence on the events of the Heaven Wars, the influence the people of Earth had on the events of the later Time Wars and later galactic affairs in general solidifies the planet's unique status.

A lesser known fact is that the Earth is also the single most densely populated planet in the universe by number of unique native species. The only planet that comes close to this number of unique genetic inhabitants is the artificial planet Primus, however these species are not native and do not exist on the planet outside of the presence of their genetic code in the planet's streams. Even then, this number only considers fauna. The Earth has no near match anywhere in the universe when floral species are considered.


A small exploratory crew of Bysaltine landed on the Earth some 540 million years ago. Some, if not all, of them died during the mission.

Human history is short by galactic standards, although their rapid advancement from nomadic lifestyles to a static and educated civilisation has allowed them to compile a comparatively full picture of their undocumented past. Their knowledge of the past 5'000 years of their own history is mostly complete, with some knowledge of their societies dating back as far as 60'000 years.

The Human race first made attempts to leave their planet some 70 years ago, however manned attempts have dwindled greatly since then. The earliest known contact between Humans and alien races dates back around 250 years ago at the foundation of a Human branch of the Plumbers. This branch was founded with no relation to the galactic Plumbers, and was assimilated into the galactic Plumbers nearly 130 years ago.

Humanity's exposure to the greater universe has increased exponentially over the last ten years after the Prototype Omnitrix crashed there and fell into the possession of Ben Tennyson.

Death of Ben 10

In Death of Ben 10, the planet Pyros declared war on the Earth under leadership of the warlord Apollo. The invading fleet was fended off by a small team of Ben Tennysons lead by Professor Paradox backed up by a Plumber blockade. A small force of Pyronites made planetfall, however Apollo was slain and the remaining invaders were sent home by Paradox and Eon.

Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

The entirety of Ben 10: Reboot Revolution takes place on Earth in the Prime timeline, Delta Dimension, and Eon's dimension.

Ben 10: Road Trip

The episodes Burning Bridges, Life On Mars (partly), and Life On Earth take place on Earth. In Burning Bridges, Ben tracks down The Blacksmith to learn about the Techadon Degradations before setting off on a galactic road trip. He returns to Earth in Life On Mars while chasing the ancient weapon Brave New World, who landed in New York City. Later, Albedo (disguised as Ben) came to Earth while investigating the appearance of Techtrix wielders in Undertown. With the help of Kai Green

Ben 10: Delta Days

Every episode of Delta Days, bar the movie The Frogs, The Stars, and The History of Time, takes place on Earth.

Notable Inhabitants

Prime Timeline



Delta Dimension



Other Timelines and Dimensions


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Notable Visitors

Prime Timeline

Delta Dimension

  • Apollo Delta
  • High Override
  • Inspector 13

Other Timelines and Dimensions

Note: ✝️ denotes deceased characters

Death of Ben 10
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Atomix - Armodrillo - Big Chill - Fasttrack - Goop - Gravattack - Lodestar - NRG - Snare-oh - Swampfire

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Ben 10: Reboot Revolution
Death of Ben 10 Aaronbill3 Ben 10: Road Trip
Ten Over Ten Thousand - No Watch, No Problem!
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Prime Dimension
Ben Tennyson - Gwen Tennyson - Max Tennyson
Rook Blonko - Kevin Levin - Sella - Fistina
Magister Patelliday - Azmuth - Blukic - Driba
Professor Paradox

Delta Dimension
Ben Tennyson - Gwen Tennyson - Max Tennyson
Ben 10'000

Time Breakers: Time Breaker Tetrax - Time Breaker Ben
Techadon Degradations: Lenopan Degradations

Prime Dimension
Brainstorm - Chromastone - Clockwork - Goop - Gravattack - Grey Matter
ImmoBile - Jetray - Lodestar - Spidermonkey - Spitter - Stinkfly - Swampfire - Upgrade

Delta Dimension
Cannonbolt - Clockwork - Diamondhead - Four Arms
Grey Matter - Heatblast - Overflow - Stinkfly - Upgrade - Wildvine - XLR8

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