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Year: 2013

As the bandages come towards me, I get the gun out of my backpack and fire it in the alien's stomach. It wraped it's bandages around it's stomach and I then start to run I then make my way into the gym and a whole slew of aliens turned their attention to me. Then, they split into two sections and there was one being in the middle. He came into the light and I saw he had a tentacle beard and was muscular.

Vilgax. They said in unison and he approached me, with the device that Tennyson used to use. He looked at me and looked somewhat surprised and started to sprint towards me.

'You will unlock the omnimatrix!' He said holding me up by my throat. Then he took the device and stuck it on my left arm.

This device will link my mind to yours. YOU will fight for me! I will control you half the time.' He yelled at me after the device attached itself to me.

He then stuck a chip in my arm,too. I was then put in a bathroom as a prison for me. I look at this device and it suddenly turns from a dull grey to a bright red. I had a massive head ache though. I was moving my hands but it wasnt me moving them. Then I heard that Vilgax's voice in my head.

Then my head was hurting so much that I thought it'd split in two.

' Good, I've connected to your mind now, I'm not in full control but I still have more control over your body that you do. The reason I need YOU is because Tennyson was a human and he had a genetic code lock on it. And I'm not human, so I needed you. And I can control you also, The voice in my head told me, I'll let you rest, you human body needs it's wretched rest.'

After it was done talking, I fell to the ground. Then, the weird watch thing popped up, and had a hologram thing. I rolled over and I heard a click then I felt different.

I saw myself in the mirror, I looked like a yellow bigfoot. I had then held out hands and it dispatched a whole slew of electricity which went flying and the mirror. The door opened and a orange dog came in, but it did'nt have any eyes.

It then touched its chest and he got bigger, and scarier...

Top Ring Omnitrix by Joe

THX Joseph416