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Earth-97 (Formerly 79) also known as Universe-97 is the universe where all the Shun 10 things happen.


This Earth is the earth specially created for Shun 10. There are 6 known Timelines in this Earth, but there are at least 53 overall, or more.

Known Dimensions

Timeline 9

Timeline 9 is where all the Shun 10 events happened. It's unknown what happens next, nor what happened before that.

Timeline 10

Timeline 10 is the place where all Shun 10: Secrets stuff Happens. It's unknown how the events of Shun 10 happened in this dimension, but they did happen.

Timeline 12

Timeline 12 is the world where Shun was never cloned. Nothing else is known about this.

Timeline 29

Timeline 29 is the opposite dimension. All the heroes are villains here and all villains are heroes. Nothing else is known.

Timeline 53

Timeline 53 is the Dimension where Shun's old partner Nick never died and they both became Heroes. After Shun died in this dimension, Nick became Nick 12,000 and took the goldotrix.

Series in this Earth

  • Shun 10 (Timeline 9)
  • Shun 10: Secrets (Timeline 10)
  • Sean Hollis: The Series (Unknown Timeline)


  • This page is unlike any other Earth-# page on this wiki.
  • This is not official, but the creator has said that there are 81 dimensions overall in this Earth.