Earth-95 is the Earth that appears in multiple of PrimalFan's series. It is most known for the reboots of Ben 10 by PrimalFan.

Dimension 1

Dimension 1 is the prime dimension of Nate 10: Rebooted. In this dimension, it differs greatly from canon.

Dimension 1 1/2

Dimension 1 1/2 is the dimension of Nate 10. This dimension is similar to dimension 1 but split of sometime before Nate was born, causing him to be older in dimension 1.

Dimension 10

Dimension 10 is the main dimension of Ben 10: A New Hero. It is the dimension where all canon events of the series take place. In this dimension, the future of Ben is deemed bright as he becomes Ben 10,000. There are many other dimensions that split off after some event in Dimension 10.

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