Earth-60 is the universe where Brandon 10 takes place.


Earth-60 is the Universe that focuses on the hero, Brandon Tennyson and his adventures. This Universe is mildly based on the real world and parallels the world of Earth-10. This Universe seems to have multiple temporal and dimensional events take place and is built on a foundation of science with little, but still-existing, involvement from supernatural forces.


2630 BC - 2611 BC

  • An alien ship crash lands in Egypt
  • The Pyramids are later built around it, sealing the ship inside for thousands of years.


  • DNA X crashes close to the Mexican border.
  • Government Officials are called in to investigate this.
  • A camp was then built around this crater to better observe it.
  • DNA X's external form would return each day to retrieve DNA X, himself, but the officers made their containment of DNA X more and more protected from the creature until DNA X called off the attack.
  • A base was then built around the containment which would be known as Charlie Base and the start of G.E.I.T.


December 25

  • Brandon is sent back in time during a snowboarding accident to protect a town from a Yeti during Christmas.
  • Brandon defeats the "Yeti" and obtains its DNA sample, unlocking Snow Bear.


  • A Chrono-Borg is accidentally sent to this time period where it starts attacking Bellwood.
  • Brandon arrives in a time machine from an alternate timeline to restore the timeline.
  • Brandon fights the Chrono-Borg and they both leave this time period through a time portal.

July 23, 1983

  • A mining team was stationed in Brisksville and discovered an underground cavern.
  • The mining team then found an alien spaceship with a Crybatian on board.
  • The situation remained neutral until a miner named Douglas attacked the alien, causing it to attack all of them.
  • Another miner, Richard, accidentally activated the ship's engines which threw him and the Crybatian into a cryo-freeze for years.

Original Series Era

  • Brandon discovers a lottery ticket which makes him a secret billionaire.
  • Brandon uses his newly found money to create a laboratory under his house.
  • A DNA Rod crashes into a forest on the mountain.
  • Brandon discovers the DNA Rod and creates a containment unit for it, later known as the Omnitrix.
  • Brandon Clone is created and goes rogue.
  • Brandon destroys the Omnitrix in order to defeat the Conqueror.

Between the OS and AF Eras

  • Brandon works continuously on attempting to repair the Omnitrix.
  • Brandon creates another Omnitrix core, which would become the foundation for the Ultimatrix later on.
  • While collecting alien samples, the New Omnitrix destroys an entire galaxy and vanishes from time and space.
  • The Conqueror drifts through space on life support before being abducted by alien scientists.
  • In order to escape captivity and experimentation, he mutates himself with their cache of alien DNA.
  • The Conqueror uses their resources to conquer different worlds in the galaxy, absorbing the power of their greatest heroes to become even more powerful.

5 Years Later

  • The Zonarians continue their operations on Earth.
  • Bellwood High School holds soccer tournament in which the Green Team wins.
  • Brandon is attacked by an alien and decides to put on the Omnitrix once again.
  • The Battle for Earth commences and ends on peaceful terms between Earth and the Zonarians.
  • The Conqueror reappears on Earth to absorb Brandon's power but is defeated in battle.
  • The New Omnitrix reappears on Enginona before being split across time and space by Celida.
  • The Conqueror claims all pieces of the New Omnitrix and has Nodnarb assemble them together.
  • Brandon claims the New Omnitrix, dubbing it the Ultimatrix.
  • He defeats the Conqueror by destroying the Omnitrix once again.

Between the AF and UH Eras

  • Brandon and Amy become a couple.
  • Brandon gets his very own car, the Mach 10.
  • Brandon Supreme sacrifices himself during his battle with Brandon Nadir, resulting in the reboot of several parallel dimensions.
  • The Conqueror revives himself and steals a politician's identity.

1 Year Later

  • Brandon's hero identity is released to the public via online leaks- generating fame and publicity for him.
  • DNA X's external form, known as Poseidon, resurfaces to attack the G.E.I.T. again.
  • Khan creates a rift between dimensions in order to access the Alterverse, which fractures reality.
  • Dimensional Rifts start appearing, releasing beings from another dimensions into the prime dimension.
  • Khan creates a series of Dimensional Disruptors that begins to disrupt the fabric of reality, itself.
  • Brandon and his team destroy the Dimensional Disruptors and seal the Dimensional Rifts.
  • Nomad attempts to consume the Earth but is defeated by Brandon's Team and becomes entrapped in another dimension of pure energy.
  • The Extreme Biker King returns and reworks the Extreme Biker system to work as a single unit.
  • The Extreme Biker War rages on until the climax where they charge against Alien Refugees.
  • Brandon ends the war by convincing the Extreme Bikers to change their perspective. Effectively causing the Extreme Bikers to mostly disband as a group.
  • The Conqueror turns Brandon into a wanted fugitive, discrediting his good acts and decimating his fame.
  • Brandon proves he was framed by tricking the Conqueror into confessing his true identity to the world.

The Future

Timeline A

  • Brandon becomes Brandon 10,000
  • Brandon 10,000 owns his own Headquarters
  • Brandon defeats the Conqueror, making him more hardened as a hero.
  • He fights alongside his younger self against a being known as the Destroyer.
  • He later has a son, Ren, and adopts Ned- the Destroyer's protege.

Timeline B

  • Brandon becomes Brandon 10,000
  • Brandon 10,000 owns his own Headquarters and his own gadgets.
  • He has a son, daughter and dog.
  • Doctor Quantum arrives with a younger version of himself and his team.
  • They defeat Tempus who attempts to convert this timeline into his own.
  • He is defeated by the future is put into a state of uncertainty once teen Brandon returns to the past.

Known Inhabitants

Celestial Bodies


  • Milky Way Galaxy

Star Systems

  • Navii System
  • Dura System
  • Grak System
  • Motis System
  • Cortux System



While there are an infinite amount of timelines in this Universe, there are two main timelines that are focused on in Earth-60.

Timeline A

Timeline B

Alternate Timelines

  • Coco 10 Timeline
    • After being zapped by an unstable weapon, Brandon is sent back in time to when he first discovered the DNA Rod however the timeline was disrupted so that Coco would be the one to discover the DNA Rod and create his own Omnitrix, becoming Coco 10.
    • Brandon convinces the Coco and Brandon of that timeline to assist him in getting back to his timeline.
    • Both Brandons and Coco defeat the Conqueror of that timeline who was developing the same type of weapon that sent Brandon there in the first place.
    • Brandon uses the weapon to send himself back to the Original Timeline.
    • This timeline is alluded to by Doctor Quantum when he refers to Crosstime.
  • Chrono-Borg Timeline
    • Brandon accidentally sends a Chrono-Borg to 1978.
    • The Chrono-Borg then reproduced itself into an army and spread across the world where they make quick haste of mankind.
    • The DNA Rod was never discovered.
    • Brandon was questionably killed by the Chrono-Borgs while with Coco when they were kids.
    • Years later, Coco became the leader of a resistance against the Chrono-Borgs and became consumed by his power.
    • Sarah worked with the resistance as their scientist.
    • The Rebellion scientists attempted to create a time machine using parts from the Chrono-Borgs.
    • Brandon arrives into this timeline and is questioned and helped by three Rebels.
    • Coco attacks Brandon believing he is a machine spy.
    • Sarah helps Brandon escape from the fortress with their prototype time machine.
    • Brandon reboots the time machine and travels back to 1978, removing the original Chrono-Borg from that time period and back to when Brandon first encountered the Chrono-Borg.
    • After defeating both Chrono-Borgs, the two Brandons appeared back when Brandon first encountered the Chrono-Borg, however without any interruptions, creating a bizarre time loop.
    • Once the time loop was established, the alternate Brandon faded away and the original Brandon remained in the Original Timeline.
  • Hero of Earth Timeline
    • In this timeline, the Conqueror works with other villains such as Ghost Brandon and the Mutator in order to spread inter-dimensional chaos across the Earth using Capture Zone technology.
  • Return of the Conqueror Timeline
    • In this timeline, the Conqueror plans to warp the entire Earth into the Capture Zone.
    • Brandon travels across the galaxy to stop the Conqueror from assembling the portal generator.
    • Doctor Quantum alludes to this timeline when discussing Crosstime.
  • Genetic Journey Timeline
    • In this timeline, Khan manages to return using samples left behind from DNA X.
    • He spreads DNA across the world in hopes to raising an army of external forms that can absorb the abilities of all of his enemies.
  • BTFF Fall Timeline
    • Doctor Quantum states there was a timeline where Brandon had worked alongside other heroes to stop a powerful alien life form from absorbing multiple worlds.
    • In this timeline, Brandon gives missions to new heroes and works at OmniLabs to create new inventions.
    • There's also an event where heroes can aid Brandon and his team to stop the Conqueror from using the power of the Nasties to take over the world.


  • The Capture Zone
  • The Nightmare Realm
  • The Alterverse
  • Rebel Brandon Dimension
    • This version of Earth-60 focuses on Brandon Tennyson, formerly Brendan Tennyson, who became a rebel soldier who lacks the belief and trust in other people that his prime counterpart has.
    • This dimension is in a constant state of devastation and chaos due to the ongoing alien invasion.
    • This dimension was rebooted minorly so that Brendan is named Brandon; other changes to this dimension are unknown.
  • Professor Brandon Dimension
    • This version of Earth-60 focuses on Brandon Tennyson, formerly Professor, who is highly intelligent and advanced in technology and science.
    • This dimension is more advanced than the prime dimension so that the present holds designs and machines way ahead of its time.
    • Everyone in this dimension is much more intelligent than their prime counterparts however their intelligence could overshadow their other important aspects.
    • This dimension was rebooted minorly so that Professor is named Brandon and has a trix of his own; other changes to this dimension are unknown.
  • Unknown Dimension
    • This version of Earth-60 focused on Lewis Tennyson who was a cowardly person attempting to be a hero.
    • Major emergencies and conflicts were often small and simple events like a cat stuck in a tree.
    • This dimension was rebooted during Brandon Supreme's Sacrifice and it is unknown how much it was changed.
  • Unknown Dimension
    • This version of Earth-60 focused on "Alex" Tennyson who was a mentally insane anti-hero.
    • This dimension was in ruins with devastated architect and a apocalyptic-vibe to the world. There is evidence of graffiti.
    • Everyone in this dimension seems to be insane versions of their prime counterparts.
    • This dimension was rebooted during Brandon Supreme's Sacrifice and it is unknown how much it was changed.
  • Unknown Dimension
    • This version of Earth-60 focused on Paul Tennyson who is seemingly an Australian adventurer.
    • Little is known about this dimension except that it is very desert-like.
    • This dimension was rebooted during Brandon Supreme's Sacrifice and it is unknown how much it was changed.
  • Unknown Dimension
    • This version of Earth-60 focused on Captain Tennyson who is a Captain of a starship, journeying throughout the galaxy and stopping intergalactic criminals.
    • This dimension was rebooted during Brandon Supreme's Sacrifice and it is unknown how much it was changed.
  • Western Brandon Dimension
    • This version of Earth-60 focused on John Tennyson who is the Sheriff of his town.
    • This dimension seems to be set during the 1850's.
    • This dimension was rebooted during Brandon Supreme's Sacrifice and it is unknown how much it was changed.
  • Super Brandon Dimension
    • This version of Earth-60 focused on Super Brandon who was a super-powered superhero.
    • This dimension seems to be similar to that of a comic book.
    • This dimension was rebooted during Brandon Supreme's Sacrifice and it is unknown how much it was changed.
  • The Supreme/Nadir Dimension
    • This version of Earth-60 focused on Brandon Nadir and Brandon Supreme, both powerful versions of Brandon with reality bending abilities.
    • This dimension is very blank and has more easier access to other dimensions from here.
    • This dimension was the false foundation for various other dimensions, acting as the prime dimension so that the true prime dimension was left alone however after Brandon Supreme's Sacrifice, the true prime dimension was revealed to all.
    • It is unknown if this dimension was affected by Brandon Supreme's Sacrifice but this is were it had occurred.
  • Unknown Dimension
    • This version of Earth-60 is dominated by the TEKBOTS with mankind becoming extinct.
  • The Puzzle Dimension
  • Rift Land
  • Unknown Dimension
    • This version of Earth-60 was ruled by Khan during his search for the artifacts across multiple dimensions.
  • The Dark Dimension
  • Nomad's Dimension
  • Cosmic Energy Dimension


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