Earth-42 is the official universe of the Alien Tournament film universe.

Main Locations

  • Colosseum (Alien Tournament)
  • Pyros (Alien Tournament)


  • Matthew Wood as Polymorph
  • Jack Nicholson as Appoplexian
  • Hugo Weaving as Grandmaster
    • Jeff Bridges as Grandmaster's father
    • Rebecca Hall as Grandmaster's mother
  • Hugh Jackman as Pyronite Bandits

Film Continuity


  • This table is based on the one in Earth-251
  • The items in this table are listed according to their chronological date in the timeline
Film Release Date Director(s) Screenwriter(s) Producer(s) Status Rating Type
Phase One: Destruction
Alien Tournament 15 November 2013 Maximus Loo2012 Maximus Loo2012 Maximus Loo2012 In Production PG-13 Film
Alien Decimation 18 December 2013 Maximus Loo2012 Maximus Loo2012 Maximus Loo2012 Pre-Production PG-13 Film
Alien Flames 8 December 2013 Maximus Loo2012 Unknown Unknown Unconfirmed PG Short Film
Alien Finale 20 December 2013 Max Unknown Unknown Pre-Production PG-13 Film
Out Of Series
Alien Battle November 2013 Max Max Max Pre-Production PG Mini-Series
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