Earth-404 is the universe that contains Attack on To'kustar.


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As confirmed in one of the mid-episode information cards, days on Earth in Earth-404 last 28 hours, but the year contains only 350 days. This allows for a simple structure with 10 months, each containing five, seven-day-long weeks, with no leap days. The names of the months are the same as in the Gregorian calendar, but July and August are removed so that September through December are properly named. Winter starts at approximately 0:00 on 1 January, Spring at 14:00 on 18 March, Summer at 0:00 on 1 June, and Autumn at 14:00 on 18 October.

As seen above, dates are written with the day, followed by the month, and then the year. There is also no concept of A.M. or P.M.; all times are recorded on a non-repeating, 28 hour clock.

Years are officially numbered by the government. The main way of numbering years places the original arrival of the To'kustars in the Year 1, making the year the series starts Year 505. Another year numbering system exists that places Year 1 as the year that the current royal family came to power, about 400 years prior to the Year 1 in the main system. In this system, the series starts in the year 922.


Basic technology exists within the world. As seen towards the beginning of the series, speakers exist, as Ateria has an emergency notification system that uses speakers. Telephones also exist, as in Decoy, Kathryn Wesley made a call from Teviv to Percival. One of the information cards reveals that technology has become more common in recent years, but it is still considered unreliable.

Guns exist, though the only guns seen have been fully-manual revolvers, as well as guns that fire flares. The Skywings are also said to be a recent invention, and though they have been seen in a flashback that takes place three years prior to the start of the series, they have also been seen in a flashback/dream that takes place hundreds of years prior to the series, putting into question when they were actually invented.

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1628. "Awakening, Part II"

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