Earth-29, or more accurately, Universe-29, is the universe where the Omnitrix Saga franchise takes place.


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Differences From Canon Timeline

  • Max was part of an elite team of the Plumbers called Delta Squad. It includes Magister Labrid (being the leader), Max, Devin, Xylene, Phil, Gordon, Magister Patelliday, Wes and Verdona.
  • Xylene and Max never had feelings from each other, and Max wasn't the one who introduced her to the Plumbers.
  • Max never retired from Plumber business.
  • The Plumbers never disbanded after Vilgax was defeated prior to the original series.
  • And Then There Were 10 happens differently (The Mysterious Device).
  • Ghostfreaked Out happens differently (Ghostly Nightmares)
  • The Visitor doesn't happen as Xylene meets Ben in And Then There Were 10.
  • Lucy and Cooper are love interests, meeting in this timeline's version of Secret of the Omnitrix (Tampered: Part 1)
  • Psyphon was with Vilgax since the beginning.
  • Ben gets the Omnitrix taken away by Azmuth when he is 12 but is rewarded with it back when he is 15.
  • Magister Labrid never died in Alien Force, and knew Ben when he was young. He trains Ben from the age of 13-15 without the use of his prototype Omnitrix.
  • Season 1 of Alien Force revolves around the Forever Knights and the return of Sir George. All factions of the Forever Knights become one to have one ultimate goal: Remove all aliens from Earth. They travel to the Null Void to wipe out all of the aliens but don't return until the Diagon arc.
  • The Highbreed arc is pushed to Season 2.
  • The Aggregor arc happens in the original series.
  • Season 2 of Ultimate Alien revolves around Charmcaster with Ben and co helping her out in Ledgerdomain.
    • Charmcaster kidnaps Gwen and forcefully has her go with Charmcaster and Hex to Ledgerdomain.
    • Gwen finds a way to let Ben and Kevin into Ledgerdomain.
    • Adwaita then fights Ben and co. Adwaita uses all his power to destroy Ledgerdomain.
    • Enemy of My Frenemy takes place, though it takes place in Earth instead of Ledgerdomain. Ben and co are not killed. Instead, their energy is drained out, similar to what Darkstar did in All That Glitters.
    • Ben and co battle Charmcaster and Hex as they return to their vicious ways after Hex becomes ruler of the rebuilt Ledgerdomain.
    • Couples Retreat happens, except at the end Charmcaster and Darkstar stay together.
    • Ben battles Darkstar and Gwen battles Charmcaster.
    • Ben fights Hex head-on.
  • Ben and Julie break up at the airport during The Perfect Girlfriend.
  • The Diagon arc happens, though differently.

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