Earth 2078-D
Name Earth
Alternative Names Terra

Human World


Species Human



Satellite(s) Moon
Star Sol
Star System Laizu
Galaxy Seven Meters galaxy
Day Cycle 24 hours
Year Cycle 365 days
Type Planet/Universe

This universe is home to humans,Anodines and Demi-humans,it was created after the multiverses collided in Ben 10 Omniverse's finale.


The demi-humans are humans with alien like calities,having a human parent and an alien one,they could have treats like abilities,tail or ears or personality.

The Plumbers

The plumbers and intergalactic peace organization founded by the little Galvan,Azmuth.

It was founded more than 100 years ago fighting racism towards aliens and demi-humans,villains like Vilgax or Zs'Skayr or just helping out alien species in danger.

The Omnitrix

In this world the omnitrix is called omnitrixium,but evolved after getting destroyed by Vilgax 1 year ago,now known as the Hollowtrix.

It has the power to transform its owner into over 100.000.000 aliens,but until coming in contact with it.


Undertown is a town under Bellwood City were aliens and some demi-humans live like a normal human-like society,living together in harmony,but Jenny and the plumbers still needs to fight thieves,criminals or even murderers.

Bellwood Highchool

It was founded by a former plumber William Theodor W. Bellwood the founder of the town in the year 1920.

It is an institute that accepts both humans and demi-humans children can learn.

Because the founder was an Plumber

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