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This is the timeline of Young Plumbers.

General Timeline


History of the Plumbers' Academy

Season 1

Young Plumbers: Into the Storm

Set 1 Comics

Set 2 Comics

Season 2

Season 3


Distant Past

  • 200000 years ago: Fractal City is attacked by invaders. A short time later, the king at the time decides to isolate the city by separating it from the ground, making it float high above the ground, and placing a distortion field around it.
  • 50000 years ago: The 7 Sages: Joy, Rage, Grief, Hope, Fear, Love, and Hate are born in the Infinity Pool.

Semi-Distant Past

  • Circa 25 BC: The sage Hate slaughters the sage Love at a senate meeting and scatters her remains across the galaxy. A war begins between the 5 remaining sages and Hate, now under the alias Rigon.
  • Circa 15 BC: Virton is born in the Dominion Region.
  • Circa 19 AD: Sci is conceived in Ancient Rome. A magic spell prevents him from being born for almost 2000 years.
  • Circa 19 AD: Rigon is defeated by Virton and sealed away within his prison, with Athena being killed in the final fight. The next few years see Virton's betrayal of the heroes, the creation of the temple of Rigon, the hiding of both swords as well as the crystals, and the Era of Rebuilding.


  • 1650: Azmuth finished work on the Prototype Unitrix.
  • 1662: A cold war begins throughout the galaxy.
  • September 9, 1683: Ranovan terrorists hijack a Plumber ship headed to Lodaron. They pilot the ship to Ranova and capture the 31 Plumbers who were on board.
  • October 19, 1683: Lodaron declares war on Ranova after they don't free the Plumbers.
  • January 22, 1684: Ranova makes a deal with Tranolia to trade weapons, but the shipment is shot down by Lodaron forces, leading the Ranovans to execute the 31 Plumbers.
  • February 3, 1684: The Plumbers declare war on both Ranova and Lodaron. After hundreds of other planets join the war on either side, the cold war turns into Galactic War VII.


  • June 9, 1724: Lodaron and most of the other planets reach a treaty with the Plumbers.
  • August 30, 1724: Ranova drops a Tachyon bomb on Lodaron.
  • September 3, 1724: Ranova drops another Tachyon bomb on Lodaron, this time destroying the planet. Fearing that another bomb would be dropped on the Plumbers' Academy, the Plumbers sent a lone soldier, who was able to sacrifice himself to set off the last Tachyon bomb, turning half of Ranova into a barren desert.
  • March 18, 1725: The rest of the planets surrender, ending Galactic War VII. There has not been another galactic war since.
  • 1768: The Aldabarbarians arrive in the galaxy and begin their conquest of it, destroying 50 planets with sentient life in the first 20 years.
  • 1791: The Plumbers develop ice weapons and begin to slow the Aldabarbarians progress through the galaxy.
  • 1799: A group of Aldabarbarians goes to the academy and takes it over. By the end of the year, the Plumbers are forced to disband.


  • 1847: The Plumbers, now just a rebel group, meet another race, the Betelgusians and discover that they have been eternal enemies with the Aldabarbarians.
  • 1848: The Betelgusians help the Plumbers retake the Academy and reform as an official organization. The next 20 years saw a war between the two races that the Plumbers tried to stay out of.
  • 1869: An Aldabarbarian ship passing by the Academy fired a rocket at it, causing the Plumber's to declare war.
  • 1880: The Aldabarbarians surrender, ending the war but not the conflict entirely.
  • 1895: All 6 of the Aldabarbarian generals are convicted and sentences to death.
  • 1898: The night before the executions, a team of Aldabarbarians goes to the Galactic HQ and breaks out the generals, but their ship is shot down just after take off. The 6 generals die in the ensuing crash. After this, the Aldabarbarians make a treaty with both the Betelgusians and the Plumbers.


  • January 1, 1900: The second Incursion-Plumber war begins. In the initial battle, 17 Plumbers are killed including two Magisters
  • May 1919: Incursion forces take over the Plumbers' Academy, forcing the Plumbers to operate out of Galvan Prime.
  • January 1934: The Plumbers take back their Academy. Within a few years, they defeat the Incursions and the war ends.
  • 1946: Max Tennyson is born on Earth.
  • 1951: Horus Set is born on Salimore.
  • 1952: Isis is born on Salimore.
  • 1960: Dillius is born on an unknown planet.
  • 1965: Slick is born on an unknown planet.
  • 1967: Kruto is born on an unknown planet.
  • 1968: Vilgax starts his quest for the Omnitrix.
  • 1971: Relgo is born on an unknown planet.
  • June 22, 1973ref: Hornbok is born on the Kraaho homeworld.
  • 1974: Paradox is born on Earth.
  • 1975: Syla is born on Earth.
  • 1976: The Villain's Academy is founded
  • 1977: Arthur is born on Earth.
  • 1979: Vilgax is captured and sent to the Null Void for 25 years.
  • 1980: Ivada is born on an unknown planet.
  • 1982: The Academies war begins.
  • 1982: Lotin is born on Corten II.
  • 1983: Viper is born on Platasorga
  • 1984: Chemestris is born on Psyocs.
  • 1985: Ra'ol Set is born on Salimore.
  • 1987: Lucifer is born on Runaltia.
  • 1990: Blitz is born on Froslan.
  • 1991: The Plumbers' Academy defeats the Villain's Academy in the Academies war, forcing the Villains Academy to shut down.
  • 1993: Rook is born on Revonnah.
  • 1993: Crash is born on an unknown planet.
  • April 21, 1994: Toon is born in Newport.
  • 1995: Kevin Levin is born on Earth.
  • November 12, 1995: Water is born on Earth.
  • December 1, 1995: Ancy is born on an unknown planet.
  • 1996: Ben Tennyson is born in Bellwood.
  • 1996: Gwen Tennyson is born in Bellwood.
  • March 17, 1996: Rex is born on Earth.
  • March 29, 1996: Rocket is born on Earth.
  • May 4, 1996: Bink is born in Arington.
  • June 6, 1996: Sci is born in Athens
  • August 13, 1996: Kali is born on Enoma.
  • 1996: Ester is born on the Kraaho homeworld.
  • 1997: The Villain's Academy reopens under a new headmaster, Lucifer.
  • January 8, 1997: Jack is born in Northwater.
  • July 2, 1997: Paper is born in Fellson City.
  • August 24, 1997: Nick is born on Earth.
  • September 27, 1997: Aevan is born in Oakwood.
  • October 25, 1997: Cassie is born on Earth.
  • December 9, 1997: Will is born on Earth.
  • January 3, 1998: Sub is born on Earth.
  • June 18, 1998: Ben is born in Oceanside.
  • February 28, 1999: Rob is born on Earth.


  • February 18, 2000: Ahmad is born on Earth.
  • March 6, 2000: Brian is born in Sigara.
  • April 16, 2000: Nar is born on Earth.
  • December 31, 2000: Zon is born in Center City.
  • 2002: Vilgax is released from the Null Void about 3 years early.
  • 2006: Vilgax attacks Galvan Prime, forcing Azmuth to send the Omnitrix to Earth where Max Tennyson will find it. Instead of Max finding it, his grandson Ben does.


  • May 22: Paul is born on Earth.
  • August 28: Ray is born on Earth.


  • Early 2011: The Plumbers begin to look into alien activity on Earth.
  • March 17: Holly is born on Earth.
  • December 27, 2011: Lotin is severely injured in a fight with the Blast Masters and Khyber on Earth. Paradox brings him to the Infinity Pool, healing him and giving him the urge to find more power. This also makes him become insane and Paradox fixes this, but Lotin's motives never change.


February 2012
Su M T W Th F S
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  • February 19, 12:00 AM: Seven super villains form a team known as the Elite.
  • February 24, 4:19 PM: The Magisters discuss some unimportant stuff when Lotin arrives and collapses. He claims to have been chased by Dark Viper to the Academy, leading the Magisters think that she escaped Incarcecon. Because of this, Magisters Kruto and Relgo check up on Incarcecon.
  • February 25, 7:14 AM: Kruto and Relgo arrive at Incarcecon and discover that the Dark Viper there is actually just some thug in disguise. To make things worse, Doctor Blitz arrives and starts breaking out prisoners.
  • February 25, 4:31 PM: Blitz breaks Ra'ol Set out from his cell, but then the other Magisters along with Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, and Kevin Levin stop all the prisoners from escaping. Blitz on the other hands gets away.
  • February 26, 8:19 AM: The Magisters find themselves trapped by Viper's plants.
  • February 26, 8:30 AM: Lucifer and Blitz prepare to go to Ranova. At Ranova, they force the King to let them start an operation on the planet. Back the Plumbers' Academy, they Magisters break free and eventually fight Viper, but then Lotin betrays them and reveals that he is part of the Elite. He then controls them. They attend the funeral two days later and then Lotin decides that they should bring recruits to the Academy.
May 2012
Su M T W Th F S
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13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 31
  • May 7, 10:19 PM: A secret meeting is held between Ben Tennyson 3 other Magisters to confirm the arrival of a group of cadets the next morning
  • May 8, 7:19 AM: The cadets arrive at Cape Canaveral, Florida, prepared for takeoff.
  • May 8, 10:08 AM: The recruits arrive at the Academy and hear an explosion go off.
  • May 8, 10:14 AM: The recruits start to explore the Academy and figure out who caused the explosion. Sci, Aevan, and Ben eventually discover that it is Vilgax. They work together and stop him, but he gets away with the explosives. Later on, the recruits meet Bink, the final recruit.
  • May 8, 1:19 AM: 3 Figures discuss the possibility of the recruits discovering them already.
  • May 9, 5:19 AM: The recruits discover that everyone else in the Academy except for Lotin disappeared for 19 hours.
  • May 13, 10:01 AM: Brian and Sci stop a giant robot in the training simulator.
  • May 13, 11:19 AM: Zon discovers the Shuffler and accidentally gets shuffled by it.
  • May 13, 5:19 PM: Dr. Animo kidnaps the recruits but Zon rescues them.
  • May 13, 7:00 PM: Magister Hornbok fixes Zon's powers; Dr. Animo steals the Shuffler.
  • May 14, 1:19 AM: 5 Figures discuss the addition of the Shuffler to their possession.
  • May 17, 11:19 AM: Slick demonstrates some proper fighting technique to the gang, using Rob as his sparring partner. Later. Rob hears Slick and Relgo talking about how the boy will be easy to be crushed.
  • May 17, 11:43 AM: Rob tells the gang what he heard, causing Paper to reveal that he ran background checks on the Magisters and the recruits. This causes the recruits to start snooping around the academy. They discover a secret room underneath the academy with a bunch of computers and a meeting room past that. Paper gets some of the files and listens in on the meeting going on. He discovers that the Shuffler was transferred to a facility and that the brats will get what is coming to them, but then he is confronted by Lotin, who says that is was all just a big misunderstanding.
  • May 17, 1:19 PM: Paper tells the other recruits about what he heard and shows them the files, but his computer crashes because of a virus.
  • May 18, 12:19 AM: The recruits go back to the meeting room and find a cycling video of deletions of files. Paper goes up to the projector where Lotin apologizes. Later, the recruits and the Magisters work to stop a giant robot.
  • May 18, 3:19 AM: Paper discovers that his computer has been stolen.
  • May 20, 3:07 PM: The recruits meet Crash. Some start to fight him out of anger. Eventually, Hornbok takes Crash out of the room. The recruits agree to investigate later that night.
  • May 20, 11:19 PM: The recruits investigate Crash and discover that he was hired by "The Elite" to get a crystal for them. The recruits eventually stop him and Paper collects a mysterious stone eye. Crash agrees to sever his ties with the Elite and become a real student at the Academy.
  • May 21, 4:19 AM: Paper discovers that the stone eye can be placed in the statue in the middle that is missing the eye in order to reveal a slot with a crystal in it. A figure watches him from above and says that "we will take it from them."
  • May 24, 10:34 PM: A test subject is put into the new Shuffler at the facility. When he comes out, he is charged with electricity.
  • May 24: Figy is born on Earth.
  • May 25, 1:19 PM: The recruits discuss the addition of a twelfth recruit, and then meet him and discover his name is Rex. They find out his powers are transforming and forming builds. Later, they give him a tour of the academy. They head to the gym for their class and they play Capture the Flag. Here, they form two teams: The Blitz, and That Shocking Feeling. Eventually, The Blitz wins.
  • May 25, 3:31 PM: The recruits discover that Rex ran off during the game. They find him in the Magister's secret room and convince him to stop what he was doing. He agrees. The recruits soon realize that they are late for their training and rush to the room.
  • May 25, 7:19 PM: The recruits eat dinner and Rex sneaks off. Brian and Zon follow him to the Magister's secret room and soon the rest of the recruits catch up to them and discover that the Academy is flying through space. They split into groups to stop this and eventually they do. Lotin agrees to give the cadets the next day off.
  • May 26, 1:19 AM: Rex talks with Lucifer via Skype, where Lucifer tells Rex he has more plans for him.
  • May 26, 8:19 AM: The Magisters expel Rex from the Academy. He runs off. Later, the recruits all that has happened since they arrived. Magister Kruto comes to the barracks and takes them to Lotin's office, where he is infected by a parasite. Sci removes it, but not before Lotin injects a syringe into Paper while being controlled by the parasite.
  • May 26, 11:15 AM: The recruits return to the barracks and discuss what just happened. Kruto comes back and briefs them on their first mission, where they are going to a secret testing to facility to bring back the Shuffler.
  • May 27, 1:41 AM: The team gets fights through the Ranovan Fleet and arrives on Ranova. They split into the two teams again and split up. The Blitz goes to find the Shuffler while That Shocking Feeling creates a diversion. Eventually, That Shocking Feeling is defeated and captured by Lucifer. The Blitz makes it to the Shuffler where they find Lucifer and their captured friends. They fight through a bunch of guards and rescue the other team. Slick checks the Shuffler and noticed that the bottom sounds hollow. They agree to return another day.
  • May 27, 8:19 PM: Rob, Sci, Brian, and Paper talk about the mission. They think the Magisters are helping them now, but they also think that Lucifer and Rex will probably return.
  • May 31, 11:45 AM: All the recruits participate in a training simulation. Later, the recruits do some stealth work and find some files. One is about Salimore and Ra'ol Set while the other is labeled Time Bomb. Upon opening this file, Paper's computer gets a virus.
  • May 31, 7:57 PM: There is an end of the month assembly and the recruits are honored for saving the Plumbers Academy. Lotin tells Ben Tennyson to call the Elite so they can have a meeting before the end of the night.
  • May 31, 9:19 PM: The Elite have their meeting and talk about a few things. Lotin then punishes the recruits for spying on him and reveals that he is the mole. They eventually defeat him.
June 2012
Su M T W Th F S
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  • June 1, 12:19 AM: Lotin and Lucifer talk about how revealing Lotin to be a member of the Elite was part of the plan.
  • June 1, 12:25 AM: The recruits discuss the events of the previous day.
  • June 1, 3:19 AM: Lucifer and a figure talk about the plans for the day.
  • June 1, 9:59 AM: The recruits confront the other Magisters about Lotin but none of them believe the recruits. Ra'ol Set then attacks the all the recruits and the Magisters, even Lotin, however Ra'ol Set claims he is a member of the Elite, confusing the recruits. Eventually, Ra'ol Set is defeated and leaves.
  • June 1, 8:19 PM: The recruits agree that the next move the Elite makes will cross the line.
  • June 3, 9:35 PM: The recruits get assigned a report. Paper and Sci later talk about "The Element."
  • June 3, 11:16 PM: The recruits work on their report and then discover that Vulkanus is attacking the academy. The recruits eventually discover that the bomb Vulkanus has is the same on they are writing about in their report. After he is defeated, Vulkanus shows the recruits a screen with Lucifer. He tells the recruits that he gave Vulkanus the bomb because he has more important things to do.
  • June 5, 9:16 PM: Sci releases some dark energy into the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum.
  • June 7, 1:14 PM CDT: Darkstar fights Ben Tennyson and asks him about a crystal, but Ben claims that he knows nothing. Later, Lotin has a conversation with a figure.
  • June 7, 3:19 PM: The recruits participate in a training simulation. Eventually, Darkstar attacks but the recruits defuse his bomb. Darkstar says that the man who hired him asked if any recruits would like to join. He says he will give them 24 hours to make their decision
  • June 8, 2:19 AM: Paper approaches Darkstar, who reveals that as Darkstar first attacked, he let him take out the other Magisters and then took out Darkstar and pretended to be him. They discuss about how they are going to get a spy into the Villain's Academy. At the end, Lotin discovers that Hornbok is awake.
  • June 8, 7:32 AM: Water successfully enrolls in the Villain's Academy. Meanwhile, Paper and Hornbok talk about waking the other Magisters.
  • June 8, 11:37 AM: Water meets with Rex and Rocket and they begin to train. After they finish, Paper contacts Water and tells him to complete his first task of hacking the security footage. He says the next thing to do is go to Lucifer's office and steal the files. He does so and gets lucky when Lucifer is about to enter the office but doesn't due to a teacher asking him for help. Later, in the cafeteria, Lucifer introduces Water to his fellow students and he also introduces a guest, Lotin. The two say there will be a competition between academies in the near future. Then, Rex and Rocket begin to discover what Water is up to. Back in Water's room, Hornbok tells him that his next task is to sabotage the weapons vault. He doesn't accomplish this. At their next class, Lucifer tells the students that they will be attacking the Plumbers' Academy. Rex and Rocket approach Lucifer and tell him that they think Water is a spy. Water tries to attack Lucifer, but Lotin controls him and makes him follow his commands.
  • June 8, 8:01 PM: The students attack the Plumbers' Academy but quickly get defeated by the recruits and the Magistes, including the new Magisters, Ivada.
  • June 8, 11:44 PM: The recruits discover that by combining the maps of the Plumbers' Academy and Villain's Academy, they create a map of the sky from an unknown celestial body. There is also an X on the map.
  • June 15, 8:37 PM: Lotin gives the recruits a demonstration and then divides them into groups to repeat what he just showed them. Paper, Zon, and Jack's groups gun is sabotaged and eventually explodes, harming Paper.
  • June 15, 9:19 PM: Paper is taken to the hospital wing, but then Lotin captures him and takes him to Ranova. Meanwhile, while the academy is put on lockdown, the recruits leave their room and get caught, getting a detention. Zon and Brian escape through the vents and head to the Magister's secret room. There they discover that Lotin now has the crystal that was hidden with the three statues. They eventually defeat a robot that attacks the academy.
  • June 16, 1:19 AM: Lotin, Lucifer, and Ra'ol Set discuss the cloning project and Operation Endgame.
  • June 22, 4:19 PM: Paper returns to the academy. Meanwhile, Relgo and Kruto awake. Hornbok and Sci explain everything that has happened since the day Lotin took control of them. Later, the Magisters discuss the map and where it could have been made from. Slick eventually wakes up and the Magisters find Aggregor in his room. Eventually, they defeat Aggregor thanks to Paper and Slick.
  • June 22, 11:19 PM The recruits think that Hornbok is hiding something about the eye that sees all. Later, the Magisters talk about the Eye, the map, and celebrate Hornbok's birthday.
  • June 24, 10:29 AM: Hornbok, Paper, Sci, and Toon discover that the map is from the point of view of the center of the galaxy and that in the near future the Terra Solar System and Galvan Prime will align at the location of the X. There is a rumbling and Paper goes to investigate. He ends up finding another Paper. There is a big battle between the recruits and Pencil's robot army. Eventually, Pencil is captured. Paper and Pencil talk for a while and discover that Paper is actually the clone and Pencil is the real one. Eventually, the clone and the robot army are defeated and the real Paper reveals that he has the crystal.
  • June 25, 4:19 AM: After murdering the clone Paper, Lotin discovers from Ra'ol Set that the preparations for Phase 2 are complete.
  • June 29, 11:00 AM: Sci releases some energy into the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum. 5 minutes later at an Undisclosed Location, Lotin, Lucifer, Ra'ol Set and three other figures discuss the recruits.
  • June 30, 4:19 PM: The Magisters tell the recruits about their test. Later, the recruits talk about the test.
  • June 30: Roy is born on Earth.
July 2012
Su M T W Th F S
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  • July 2, 12:00 PM: The recruits take the first part of their test. Brian and Jack get kicked out for cheating. They decide to break into his locker, where they discover a secret room filled with many books. They discover all of Sci's secrets, but then Paper finds them in the room. Everyone except for Paper argues about how they no longer want Sci on the team. Eventually, Sci agrees to leave after the test is over, claiming that he never should have been a Plumber.
  • July 3, 7:19 PM: The Elite, all voices hidden, plan their final attack for tomorrow.
  • July 4, 12:00 AM: Paradox and Hornbok tell Paper, Sci, and Toon the truth about Lotin, the crystal, and the prophecy.
  • July 4, 9:00 AM: The Magisters give the recruits their mission and send them off. While on their way to Vrellax, Lotin's fleet shoots the recruits down to Viscosia.
  • July 4, 11:38 AM: When the recruits don't arrive, the Magisters head back to the Academy. When they get back, they find Lucifer and Ra'ol Set destroying the Academy. Meanwhile, the recruits make it to a town where a guard who was working for Lotin traps them in a building with a spaceship inside of it. After a moment, the building blows up and Lotin reveals himself. There is a battle with Lotin and eventually he steals the crystal from Paper. Lucifer and Ra'ol Set appear by his side as Lotin prepares to murder all the recruits with the power of the crystal, but instead, the three villains disappear in a mysterious white light.
  • July 5, 8:19 AM: The Magisters congratulate the recruits on defeating the Elite, but say that the battle is not over because the Elite have the crystal. They wish the recruits well over the summer and they go their separate ways.
  • July 6, 6:45 AM: Paper, Sci, Toon, and Bink are working on repairing the academy when they get attacked by ninjas.
  • July 6, 7:19 AM: The four recruits and Hornbok determine that the Elite were not behind the attack. They call Ben Tennyson who is watching the other recruits for a week.
  • July 6, 10:34 AM: Tennyson and the recruits head to Cape Canaveral and get attacked by ninjas. They eventually make it to a spaceship, board it, and head for the Academy.
  • July 6, 11:01 AM: The recruits at the academy continue to work, but then a mysterious alien appears. They chase him throughout the academy. Later, the other recruits arrive and then the two groups merge. Jack, Bink, Toon, Water, Rob, and Ben run to intercept the alien, who was chasing Tennyson, while Paper, Sci, Brian, Aevan, and Zon chase after the alien directly. Eventually, the latter groups defeats the alien, who's name is Xardith, who then disappears in a red flame. The recruits discover that Xardith wants the Star Relic, so they split up into their old teams. The Blitz goes to Xartia while That Shocking Feeling goes to Galvan Prime.
  • July 6, 10:44 PM: Both teams work their ways through their respective planets. On Xartia, the Blitz finds and defeats Vulkanus. In the Galvan Labs, the recruits find Xardith, who kills Azmuth and then makes the recruits fight Vilgax. They eventually defeats him and decide to return to the Academy.
  • July 17, 12:10 PM MDT: Zon hears about an alien ship being found in the desert outside his hometown on the news. He heads across town to the desert but finds Charmcaster. He eventually follows Charmcaster to the desert where he finds Hex and two figures standing by the ship. The ship, Hex, Charmcaster, and the two figures are all surrounded by the local police.
August 2012
Su M T W Th F S
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  • August 3, 4:19 PM UTC: Aevan heads around Oakwood and discovers that some crimes have been taking place. He follows the suspects but they get away.
  • August 4, 7:19 AM UTC: Aevan goes to the police station to tell the sheriff about what he knows about the criminals, but they attack the station and attempt a break out of the connected prison. Aevan stops them and the criminals get taken to a different prison. The Sheriff and the Prison Warden thank Aevan.
  • August 14, 9:11 AM: Paper, Sci, Toon, and Bink talk about heading back to Earth for a one month vacation.
  • August 14, 6:19 PM: Once they arrive, they discover that a mysterious creature, which Ben Tennyson claims to be Khyber's pet, has been terrorizing the locals every three nights by kidnapping children. They encounter the best but it gets away, so they form a plan to capture it in three nights.
  • August 15: Reg is born on Earth.
  • August 17, 8:19 PM: The recruits and Tennyson successfully capture Khyber's pet, but as they are planning to take it back to the Academy, it escapes and runs off; however, the children return to the village. The locals thank the recruits as they go their separate ways.
  • August 19, 11:19 AM MDT: Zon, Ben, and Jack talk about the ring they found when they are attacked by Sunder. Sunder destroys Zon's house and separates the recruits, eventually capturing Zon, who remembers he had given the ring to Jack.
  • August 20, 8:40 AM MDT: Jack and Ben realize that Sunder captured Zon and go to rescue him. They successfully do so and manage to keep the ring from falling into Sunder's hands. He flees, leading the recruits to wonder even more about the ring.
September 2012
Su M T W Th F S
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23 24 25 26 27 28 29
  • September 1, 8:19 PM WIT: A severe rainstorms passes through Brian's hometown of Sigara.
  • September 2, 9:13 AM WIT: Brian heads through the flooded town on a raft. He eventually finds a figure and chases him into a cave, where he discovers that the figure is Albedo. Albedo escapes him, but after resting, he follows him and eventually defeats him. He finds a blue ring within the cave just as it was beginning to collapse. He rescues Albedo who later gets away, not realizing that Brian had the ring. Brian discovers the powers of the ring and decides to keep it a secret.
  • September 16, 12:27 PM: The recruits arrive at Cape Canaveral to head back to the Plumbers' Academy, only to be ambushed by Khyber and his pet. Sci eventually kills Khyber's pet, but Khyber gets away.
  • September 17, 12:00 PM: The recruits and everyone else at the Academy attends the start of term ceremonies.
  • September 17, 2:19 PM: Khyber meets with an unknown figure. Later, Paper, Sci, Brian, and Rob joke around with Hornbok.
  • September 27, 9:32 PM: Brian pranks Zon by making him trip and falling face first into a pie. Afterwards, Zon starts to plan his revenge and eventually meets a ghost named Rache, who claims to be a former Magister who died after he was exposed to water during a prank.
  • September 28, 11:19 AM: Ivada teaches the recruits about how to deal with ghosts if they were to exist. He also tells them the story of Rache. Zon eventually pranks Brian by making him look like a chicken, but Rache takes control of Brian. Zon eventually uses an Ecto-vacuum to defeat Rache.
  • September 29, 9:41 AM: Zon gets pranked again by Brian with the bucket of water on the open door trick. The two then agree that a prank war has begun.
October 2012
Su M T W Th F S
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28 29 30 31
  • October 8, 3:18 PM: Sci shows the Magisters the Nemetrix, only to have it accidentally attach to him. He turns into Buglizard but the Magisters stop him. Later, Dr. Psychobos attacks and steals the Nemetrix, but the Magisters get it back.
  • October 19, 10:19 AM: Zon and Brian discover that the other each found a ring over the summer. Later, the Ringmaster attacks and they discover that he wants the rings, but together with Jack and Ben they stop him before anyone finds out about the attack.
November 2012
Su M T W Th F S
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25 26 27 28 29 30
  • November 9, 4:16 PM: Zon tells Paper about the attack. Paper then tells the Magisters, too. Brian is eventually forced to tell Aevan and Rob when the two recruits confront the recruits who already knew.
  • November 10, 11:19 AM: These recruits tell all the other recruits so now everyone knows. Also, Ivada heads to his home planet to learn more about the rings and the Ringmaster.
  • November 28, 12:44 PM: Water and Rob accidentally shrink themselves and meet a group if Microsapiens.
  • November 29, 8:19 AM: Kruto and Slick send Brian and Bink to find the two missing recruits. They eventually break them out of the prison and make a treaty with the Microsapien King before returning them to real size.
December 2012
Su M T W Th F S
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22
23 24 25 26 27 28 29
30 31
  • December 10, 5:14 AM: Hornbok wakes Paper, Sci, and Aevan and brings them to Primus.
  • December 10, 6:19 AM: Psychobos and Khyber attack Primus. The recruits fight Khyber and get to Azmuth's labs, but they are unable to stop Psychobos from stealing the Codon cores. They later find out that the Codon cores stolen were actually fake ones made of acid.
  • December 31, 5:17 PM: Hypnos and Tempos attack the Academy and try to get something, but they don't say what. The recruits eventually disable their bomb and defeat them


January 2013
Su M T W Th F S
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 31
  • January 1, 12:00 AM: The recruits ring in the New Year.
  • January 6, 1:19 PM: Sci meets Argo and eventually discovers that he is the son of the hero who defeated Rigon, Virton. Argo then attacks him and tries to use a device to suck the Academy into a pocket dimension, but Sci stops him.
  • January 16, 11:19 AM: Bink and Ben go to Gaea Incorporated to stop an unknown threat from delaying the launch of a new set of spaceships.
  • January 16, 11:42 AM: Bink and Ben eventually find Psyki and stop him before he destroys the supercomputer. They also discover that Psyki is the brother of Hypnos and Tempos.


  • April 4: Harry is born on Earth.


  • August 19, 1:19 PM CET: Sci, Rob, Water, and Bink are fleeing from the cops when all but Sci are kidnapped by Lotin.


  • October 1: Chris is born on Earth.



  • January 6, 1:19 PM: Paper, Toon, Zon, Brian, Aevan, Jack, and Ben discuss some stuff. Later, Paper, Toon, and Aevan hack a news feed and discover a message from Salimore to the UN building on Earth asking for 1 trillion dollars in exchange for calling off an invasion. They tell Hornbok and he lets them go to Salimore to stop the invasion force.
  • January 6, 10:54 PM: The recruits get to a compound and destroy a bunch of ships. They encounter Osiran, the second in command of the Salimorian bounty hunters, but Ra'ol Set is no where to be found. Eventually, they escape Osiran and head back to the academy.
  • January 7, 5:19 AM: Hornbok congratulates the recruits but tells them that they will still have to take an upcoming test. Later, Osiran talks with a figure about the invasion and an upcoming experiment.
  • January 11, 7:19 AM: 5 new recruits join the 7 veterans. Then, a team of DNAliens attack and eventually the new recruits are forced to fight the old ones. They win and get rid of the DNAliens.
  • January 15, 9:19 AM: During a demonstration, Rex, Rocket, and their new friend Ancy. While they are fighting a group of recruits, Will takes another group to the Villain's Academy to sneak around.
  • January 15, 3:39 PM: The recruits at the Villain's Academy discover some stuff about the prophecy and then fight a bunch of soldiers and a shapeshifter. They eventually make it back to the Plumbers' Academy where the others have taken care of the villains.
  • January 15, 8:27 PM: Paper and the new recruits decide to go to Froslan to investigate a series of break-ins.
  • January 16, 7:19 AM: The recruits find Blitz and the other members of the Glace and fight them.
  • January 16, 8:48 AM: The other recruits check Incarcecon because Lotin, Lucifer, and Ra'ol Set may be there, but they are not. Eventually they stop a break-out at the prison, too. Meanwhile, Blitz finds a weapon, but the Glace is defeated by the recruits who went to Froslan. Back at the Academy, Hornbok tells the recruits that the prophecy will unfold on July 14, 2014, which only he and Paper knew. Later, the police who took the glace away reveal themselves to be working for the Glace. They let them out and allow them to infiltrate a base to find the second crystal.
  • January 18, 3:13 AM: The Elite meet and Blitz gives Lotin the crystal. Lotin tells Chemestris that he has a special mission for her.
  • January 19, 8:19 AM: Several of the recruits get sick from an unknown virus. The un-sick recruits, Aevan, Brian, Toon, Zon, Sub, and Cassie go to investigate. They discover that the virus is caused by Vardolium, so they go to ChemiLabs to investigate.
  • January 19, 11:39 AM: The un-sick recruits disguise themselves as ChemiLabs workers and break into ChemiLabs. They take some files and eventually encounter Chemestris, but they escape. Chemestris meets with the Elite and the recruits break-in during the meeting, discovering who the members of the Elite are. After they leave, the Elite talk about their plans to cut the communications at the Academy and Incarcecon.
  • January 19, 11:51 PM: The recruits get cured and Hornbok says that they will look at the rest of the files soon.
  • January 20, 3:19 AM: The Elite talk about the alignment and the loose experiment on Ranova.
  • January 21, 12:00 PM: Paper says that he wants to go to Ravova, so Hornbok lets him take a team of himself, Toon, Nick, Zon, and Cassie there. Upon arriving, the eventually find the creature and defeat it by putting it back into the Shuffler. Meanwhile, Slick hears something crash into the Academy.
  • January 22, 11:19 AM: Hornbok debriefs the recruits and Paper asks Hornbok why didn't he tell him that the day Hornbok went to the Infinity Pool was the day that his parents died.
  • January 25, 4:28 PM: Ben Tennyson fights Crash, but he escapes in a spaceship with Viper.
  • January 26, 11:52 AM: Viper and Crash go to the Plumbers' Academy to steal back the files from ChemiLabs and get away with some data of their own. In the end, Crash, unknowingly to the recruits, gets the data and gets sent to Incarcecon. Later, Hornbok talks about increased security at Incarcecon. After that, the Elite talk about the mission that they completed.
  • January 28, 8:43 AM: Rylton wins a fight against two Appoplexians. A figure watching tells someone that's he's "found it."
  • January 28, 10:19 AM: Toon, Zon, Brian, Nick, Nar, Sub, Will, and Cassie head for Hitalbur where the fighting ring is taking place. They go to try and win what they think is one of the crystals.
  • January 28, 11:05 AM: While Sub, Nick, and Will begin to rise up in the ranks, the others search the facility. They find a masked figure snooping around and chase him. They eventually run into Paper who figures out that the masked figure is none other than Sci. Sci gets angry and escapes. Paper goes to follow him while the others head back to the ring and get confronted by Rylton. Later, Will, Sub, and Nick prepare for the title fight. Meanwhile, Paper confronts Sci and learns that he was working for Lotin. Back in the ring, the recruits win the match and get the crystal when Sci, having switched sides, and Paper burst into the arena. Lotin follows and offers 1 billion human dollars to whoever gives him the belt. Eventually, Rylton helps the recruits escape and somehow they get onto the ship and head back to the Academy.
  • January 28, 6:32 PM: Sci tells the recruits that they will eventually need to get the crystals for themselves.


  • February 2, 9:37 AM: The recruits head to Bellwood to stop the Forever Knight's weapon trading ring because they think they are using it as a way to find the final crystal. Sci says he's lost hope in finding the crystals but it turns out that he was being forced by Rigon to say things like that.
  • February 2, 9:24 AM CST: The recruits prepare to attack a warehouse but get ambushed by Arthur. They split up into teams. One stays behind to fight the Knights while the others go into the Null Void.
  • February 2, 11:19 AM: Inside the Null Void, Paper, Sci, Nick, Nar, Sub, Will, and Cassie head for a Plumber base and discover that a creature is about to break free. A Plumber there tells them to go find the crystal and then get out before the creature can get it. They eventually find Arthur and he gets the crystal, but they form a truce to escape the fortress it was hidden inside. Once outside, Arthur gives the crystal to the creature who had escaped, Alpha, turning him into Alpha-Omega. They eventually stop Alpha, steal the crystal, and escape the Null Void.
  • February 2, 5:19 PM: The recruits discover that the crystal they got was fake and Arthur has the real one. Meanwhile, Arthur introduces Alpha to Lotin as the Elite's new partner.
  • February 4, 10:19 AM: Hornbok decides to send Paper, Sci, and Toon on a mission to begin searching for the missing recruits: Bink, Water, and Rob.
  • February 4, 3:52 PM CET: In Budapest, Hungary, a man is chased by the police until he escapes on a train heading for Paris. Later, the recruits arrive in Hungary, which is the last place Sci claims to have seen the recruits. They hear about the terror organization that the man was likely apart of and go on the case, heading to Paris to pursue him.
  • February 4, 5:19 PM CET: The man arrives in Paris and then meets up with two others. They eventually get chased by the police until the recruits arrive on the scene and place get a tracker on them. The French police ask the recruits to help them on this case and the recruits agree. Eventually they discover that the terrorists have made their way to Moscow to they go to follow them, but their ship gets blown up. They take an airplane, but the plane is sabotaged by a terrorist so they jump out and land in a field near Moscow.
  • February 5, 1:54 AM MSK: The recruits eventually find the terrorists having a meeting with Khyber. There is an exchange of money and then the recruits jump in. Khyber gets away but they capture the terrorists and turn them over to the Russian police.
  • February 4, 8:19 PM: Hornbok debriefs the recruits about the mission.
  • February 4, 10:42 PM: Khyber and the Blast Masters infiltrate a base and steal Project Sentinel for the Elite. Of the test subjects for Project Sentinels are Osiran and the three missing recruits.
  • February 6, 2:19 AM: Sci has a vision about Khyber and the Blast Masters stealing Project Sentinels. He wakes up and follows a shadow onto a mysterious ship where he finds a sword that belonged to Rigon. Paper finds him and rescues him from Rigon's control. They agree to keep it a secret as an alarm rings. They run to the docking bay where they find Bink, Water, and Rob have just arrived on a ship. After the initial catching up, they begin to continue their old times at the Academy. The recruits eventually discover that their old friends are really clones and stop them from taking the crystal, but in order to do this, Sci uses the sword. The clone Bink agrees to perform a spell to save Sci in exchange for her freedom. The spell works but the clone Bink ends up being killed by Rigon's shadow. Sci tells Paper to have Hornbok get the sword away from him. Hornbok splits the sword into five pieces, one of which will remain at the Academy while another will head for a black hole. At the end, Paper decides that they must take action to settle some scores.
  • February 8, 10:19 AM: Hornbok presents his case to the Galactic Peace Council as to why ChemiLabs should be removed from the Galactic Business Association.
  • February 8, 10:51 AM: Virton steals the Mirror of the Stars from the Galactic Bank Union. He then accidentally uses the mirror to summon the heroes from other worlds where they begin to fight. Back at the GBA, The Elite arrive at the meeting and start a large fight. Virton arrives and gives the mirror to Lotin. Lotin then goes with Ra'ol Set, Viper, and Chemestris to Salimore. The other heroes then arrive and meet up with the recruits as Virton escapes. They agree to team up and take off for Salimore, but the other members of the Elite and Alpha make attack the recruits on their ship, but they get defeated.
  • February 8, 6:19 PM: The recruits and other heroes make it to Salimore and eventually steal the mirror and head back to the GBA. Meanwhile, Virton arrives and attacks Hornbok and the councilmen who were still at the GBA. Eventually, the recruits and other heroes arrive at the GBA, too, and join the fight. After a large fight, the mirror sparks back to life and the other heroes return home, but then Virton grabs the mirror, gives it to Lotin and teleports away. The Elite escapes too. Having lost the mirror, the recruits decide that they need to strike next, because the next battle will start the war.
  • February 9, 2:19 AM: The Elite, Virton, and Alpha prepare for their attack against to take the crystal from the Academy.
  • February 12, 3:19 PM: Khyber arrives on Salimore with Project Sentinel. Lotin then orders Virton and Alpha to capture Khyber, and they do so successfully.
  • February 12, 3:46 PM: The recruits prepare to take the crystals from the Elite and get the power for themselves.
  • February 12, 5:04 PM: The recruits begin their attack, splitting up into three groups to each get a crystal on Salimore, Ranova, and the Villain's Academy. The Salimore and Ranova groups succeed while the group at the Villain's Academy fails. Meanwhile, the Magisters protect the crystal at the Plumbers academy. Eventually, all the three groups with the crystal head for the Temple of Rigon while the Elite follows.
  • February 13, 1:19 AM: Lotin has a brief argument with Paradox. After he leaves, Virton and Alpha arrive with Khyber as their prisoner. Lotin tells them to return on his cue and then proclaims that today is the day he will become Elite.
  • February 13, 1:41 AM: The recruits regroup and decide to send the final group to ChemiLabs to continue the search for the missing recruits.
  • February 13, 4:19 AM: Toon, Will, Sub, Cassie, and Ben arrive at ChemiLabs to begin their search. They find it abandoned. They eventually make it to the bottom room and find an army of the creatures from Ranova. Meanwhile, a huge fight begins at the Temple of Rigon over the crystals. Eventually, Lucifer arrives with the fourth crystal and the Elite get in a line with Lotin in the center, holding the crystal. Lotin gives the cue, making Alpha and Virton appear with Khyber. Lotin reminds Hornbok that it was Khyber who gave Lotin the injuries that made Paradox take him to the Infinity Pool which turned him evil. Lotin gives him the opportunity to kill Khyber in exchange for giving him the crystals. After an argument, Hornbok takes Lotin's sword and throws it through Khyber's chest. Hornbok gives the crystals to Lotin, but then finds that he too gets captured by Lotin. Now having all the crystals, the Elite prepare to enter the Infinity Pool. Back at ChemiLabs, the other recruits finish off the creatures and later discover that all the files have been deleted, so they decide to go help the others. At the Temple of Rigon, the Elite open the door and enter the Infinity Pool.
  • TIME UNAVAILABLE: Inside the Infinity Pool, the Elite become Elite. Lotin takes out the mirror allowing them to have a conversation with Rigon himself. The Elite let Rigon know of their plan, but he tells them that he will kill them even though they are immortal. They leave the Infinity Pool and appear back in the Temple of Rigon. They proclaim their victory to the recruits but say there is still work to be done. They leave just as the other recruits arrive. Upon arriving on Salimore, Lotin takes Hornbok into a dungeon and has a conversation with him. They have a sword fight and eventually Lotin holds his sword up to Hornbok's neck and asks about the Plumber's plans for the day the prophecy unfolds. Since he won't tell, Lotin asks the guards to "bring her in." It turns out that "her" was Hornbok's long lost wife, Syla. After their reunion, Lotin takes out a gun and says he will only let one of them live if Hornbok doesn't tell. When he doesn't tell, Lotin murders Hornbok. After a moment, the guards take Syla back to her own room.
  • February 13, 8:19 PM: The recruits debrief and make their plans for the next few months.
  • February 14, 12:00 AM: Ra'ol Set gives a short speech to Salimore about the upcoming invasion of the galaxy. Afterwards, the Elite have a short meeting in which Blitz revealed that he found the piece of Rigon's sword that Hornbok had been keeping in his office. Lotin tells the others that now they can do anything now that they have become Elite.


  • March 13, 5:52 PM: The Elite make their way for Earth to start the invasion.
  • March 14, 7:19 PM CDT: The recruits and Plumbers prepare for the approaching invasion. They watch the President of the United States give a speech to the world. Later, the invasion enters Earth's atmosphere.
  • March 14, 6:19 AM: The invasion begins and the recruits begin the fight to stop it. Meanwhile, Ben Tennyson and a group of other heroes encounter Revel, a suspicious being with mysterious alien tech. Eventually, Nar, Jack, and Toon get on a ship but they find Arthur. After some fighting, the three recruits are able to send the Elite's main ship crashing down. They escape, but the ship crashes just in front of the White House.
  • March 14, 3:19 PM: The recruits head to New York City to stop a 9/11 like attack that would destroy the Empire State Building. Lotin eventually controls Paper to prevent the recruits from stopping the destruction of the building. The recruits return to Bellwood and debrief.
  • March 14, 10:11 PM: Revel meets with two figures, one of which is the Ringmaster, as they discuss a Revolution.
  • March 19, 2:24 AM CET: Revel leads the three Blast Master terrorists into a forest where they meet up with the Ringmaster and join the Revolution.
  • March 19, 8:19 AM: Relgo sends Paper, Sci, Toon, Brian, Zon, Sub, and Cassie get sent on a mission to the Temple of Rigon by Relgo to see if they can find any way to stop the Elite.
  • March 19, 11:46 AM: At the temple, the recruits find a prophecy on the door to the Infinity Pool. They also find Virton, who helps them decipher its meaning. They later go into the basement where they meet Fear, one of the 5 sages. They fight a large group of Rigon's army before returning to Bellwood.
  • March 19, 10:19 PM CDT: The recruits debrief. Paper says that before they can do anything else, they must find out who the Guardian is.
  • March 27, 3:19 AM CDT: Paper, Sci, and Toon give the recruits a crash course on what they haven't learned yet. During the course, Brian and Zon are always competing. Later on, Brian and Zon have to work together with all the other recruits to stop a wave of the invasion force.


  • April 3, 9:19 AM: The Elite prepare to send the Sentinels to Earth as Paper and Toon arrive back from the year 2038, where they were the only recruits still alive.
  • April 3, 10:14 AM: Most of the recruits go to the training room in the Bellwood base with Relgo, only to be attacked by Revel. Meanwhile, the rest of the recruits are at the lobby of the base when Rob, Water, and Bink attack. Future Paper and Future Toon arrive and eventually help the recruits stop the Sentinels, but the Ringmaster eventually destroys as of Bellwood, so the Plumbers flee to another base in Fellson City.
  • April 7, 10:35 AM: Future Paper talks to Paper about his future.
  • April 9, 5:22 AM: Syla discovers that Hornbok is actually alive; however, the guard comes into the room and finds that Hornbok is gone.
  • April 9, 10:58 AM: The recruits plan for a mission to capture King Arthur and have Nar replace him so they can gain inside information on the Elite's plans. They successfully make the switch. Afterwards, Paper and Sci find Syla, who tells them that Hornbok is dead, but she later corrects herself and says that he is missing.
  • April 9, 3:14 PM: Most of the recruits chase the other 6 Elite members back to Earth. Brian eventually infiltrates the Elite's ship and blows it up. Meanwhile, Paper and Sci fight the Black Knight, but Arthur interferes. The recruits leave and agree to return when Arthur finds Hornbok. Later, the recruits debrief as the Elite discuss the captured Nar, really Arthur in disguise, as being bait.
  • April 12, 1:19 PM: Paper and Sci discuss the prophecy and the death of Paper's parents. They then agree to go find Hope, the sage.
  • April 12, 5:00 PM: Paper and Sci go to Naran Manos and meet up with Walker, who tells them a lot about Hope, but he then get possessed by Rigon and the recruits are forced to flee.
  • April 12, 6:00 PM: Paper and Sci make it to where Hope is, but Virton arrives and captures her. They eventually chase him down and defeat him. Hope reveals a lot, including the identity of the Guardian: Paper. Paper passes her trial and then they leave.
  • April 13, 1:19 AM: Virton informs Lucifer that Paper is the guardian.
  • April 20, 7:19 AM: Arthur, still actually Nar, discovers that the Black Knight is actually Hornbok.
  • April 20, 9:38 AM: The recruits prepare for a mission to rescue Hornbok. Meanwhile, Nar discusses the plan with Hornbok, who strongly opposes it. Later, Arthur and the Black Knight confront Lucifer and his students. Lucifer shows him the piece of the Sword of Rigon but then leaves it behind. A fake Arthur calls the recruits and drops off a fake Hornbok. Hornbok sends the recruits back into the castle to rescue Syla. At the castle, they find Arthur, who gives them the sword piece and tells him that he is still looking for Hornbok. The recruits realize that someone tricked them. At the ship, Hornbok takes care of Toon, who stayed behind, and then takes off an ID mask revealing him to be Ancy.
  • April 20, 5:18 PM: The recruits eventually find Lucifer, who explains how he tricked them and then makes them watch Ancy destroy the Academy. In the end they escape with Hornbok, Syla, and the piece of the sword, but lose the Academy. Back in Fellson City, Hornbok and his family reunite and then the recruits debrief. Later, Lucifer reveals to Lotin about his plan. Lotin praises both Lucifer and Arthur for planning so carefully, and then says that they have the upper hand.
  • April 29, 6:03 AM: Sci gets controlled by Rigon and goes on a rampage. Later, most of the recruits depart on a mission to destroy the Villain's Academy while Paper, Sci, Future Paper, and Fear stay behind. While Paper is in the trial, the Sentinels attack again and Sci and Future Paper chase them to Washington, D.C.
  • April 29, 12:19 PM: The recruits arrive at the Villain's Academy and split into three teams. Once each team secures the balcony, tower, and Lucifer's office, respectively, Ben Tennyson's team prepares for the final push.
  • April 29, 5:07 PM: Sci and Future Paper make it to the White House, where they stop Ra'ol Set from assassinating the President, but later the Dome arrives at the city. Future Paper and Sci escape the Dome, with Future Paper having previously explained about the Grid and how it works. Back at the Villain's Academy, the bomb to destroy it detonates, but the ship doesn't take off and is engulfed by the explosion. Meanwhile, Paper finishes his trial and then he and Fear meet up with Sci and Future Paper and flee the planet. They eventually meet up with the other recruits and explain the situation. Later, the Elite have a brief meeting.


  • May 8, 8:34 AM: Paper, Sci, and Toon meet about what their next move will be. They agree that they should find the passcode to the Grid and then begin to disable it, but Sci gets controlled by Rigon and is able to get the code from him. They head to the Earth and enter the code, which works, but they accidentally crash the ship on Fractal City.
  • May 8, 11:19 AM: They make it to the castle on Fractal City and find Virton and Argo meeting with Fractus and Plexx. Eventually, Ra'ol Set arrives, too, with an entire fleet of Salimorian ships at his command.
  • May 8, 1:13 PM CST: The Ringmaster, Revel, and Archangel meet in the ruins of Bellwood and execute Plan B by heading to Dragonia.
  • May 8, 2:27 PM: They arrive in Dragonia and begin to fight the Council of 12. Back in Fractal City, the two sides fight. Virton eventually destroys the generator that keeps the city in the air, but Plexx and a group of soldiers help slow the city down long enough for Sci to fix it. They eventually defeat the villains. Fractus allows the recruits to start a base in the city because of their help. Meanwhile, the Ringmaster gets the Medallion and eventually controls Auris.
  • May 9, 5:48 NPT: The Ringmaster takes Auris to the summit of Everest where they prepare for their next move.
  • May 14, 10:14 AM: Paper, Sci, and Fear decide that the next sage they will look for is Grief, who Fear says may be on her home planet, Enoma. Hornbok warns of them of the planet's weather conditions before they leave.
  • May 14, 12:37 PM: Sci meets Kali, a local girl who helps them find Grief. While Kali continues to "flirt" with Sci, they eventually discover that Dovano, Grief's husband, is on Phoniphus II, so they go there looking for him, but their ship crashes and they are knocked unconscious for two days.
  • May 14, 1:19 PM: All the recruits except for Paper and Sci as well as the Magisters prepare to go to Washington, D.C. to destroy the dome there.
  • May 14, 1:43 PM: The recruits arrive in Fractal City and head to Washington, D.C. and get inside the dome. They execute an elaborate plan and eventually destroy the dome, but they then find Ra'ol Set. Ivada decides to let them get captured, so Ra'ol Set brings the entire team except for Toon to Salimore.
  • May 15, 1:19 AM: Lotin and Ra'ol Set talk about the acquisition. Later, Ivada explains that they could use this as a sneak attack to get the information about Project Sentinels and then go. They eventually get the files and then return to Fractal City.
  • May 16, 6:18 PM: The team wakes up. Sci and Paper go find Dovano, who reveals to a group that Sci is the Child of Darkness, causing them to get captured. They eventually make it to the castle where they fight Blitz and Viper, but they later escape, find Grief, and allow Paper to pass his trial. They quickly debrief on the way back to Earth.
  • May 16, 11:19 PM: Paper, Sci, and Kali arrive back at Fractal City and debrief both missions with the entire team.
  • May 19, 6:07 AM: Sci has a vision about Virton talking with the Sages during his battle with Rigon. He later wakes and then meets with Paper, Toon, Hornbok, Kali, Fear, Future Paper, and Future Toon. They eventually decide to retrieve a piece of the sword from Azalon.
  • May 19, 8:35 AM: The team arrives on Azalon. Hornbok eventually meets his old friend Scorn, who gets the President from a meeting to talk with the team, but on their way back to where the team was hiding they get attacked by Virton. The team then tracks down Virton. They eventually find him, rescue the President, get the sword piece, and then attend a brief meeting about some local issues where Hornbok delivers a peace speech.
  • May 19, 2:12 PM BRST: The other members of the team head to Rio de Janeiro to destroy the second dome. Later, the entire team debriefs at Fractal City.
  • May 25, 10:18 AM: Ra'ol Set, Horus Set, Isis, and a fourth royal Salimorian, Amon Set, discussed Ra'ol Set's work within the castle on Salimore. Later, Ra'ol Set left the room and talked with Chemestris via a communicator about security at ChemiLabs. Ra'ol Set agreed to send his brother to help, and then told his brother about his first assignment.
  • May 25, 11:19 AM: Horkbok reads the process of how to make a Sentinel. The Futures, Slick, Relgo and Fear are sent to Ranova while the rest go to ChemiLabs. 
  • May 25, 2:51 PM: Brian charges into ChemiLabs and confronts Amon Set and eventually, Chemestris. 
  • May 25, 3:13 PM: The Futures, Slick, Relgo and Fear arrive in Ranova and find the Shuffler, but Virton and Argo confront them. Virton explains that if Rigon is defeated, Sci will go bad, but then goes on to say they will not get the Shuffler. A confrontation occurs which leads to Virton and the Plumbers's ships crashing into ChemiLabs. Freeing Rob, Water, and Bink, they manage to use the Shuffler to take care of them. They continue to fight till they escape. Rob, Water, and Bink are brought up to date, while Chemestris, Ra'ol Set and Amon talk about the events that happened.
  • May 26, 9:19 PM: Chemestris convinces Bioth to contact the Aldabarbarians and notify them about the availability of the Earth.
  • May 31, 9:15 AM: Sci and Rob told the team about the events leading up to the kidnapping of Rob, Bink, and Water. The team then planned to collect the next piece of the Sword of Rigon from the Null Void.
  • May 31, 10:47 AM: The team continues to fill Rob, Bink, and Water in on the events that occurred while they where at Project Sentinels. The team arrives at a base in the Null Void to search for the sword. The Magisters investigate a prison riot and discover from three Salimorians that someone is planning to kill Horus Set. As they head for Salimore, the team goes to investigate an energy source and runs into many of the villains that they have fought before, all working together.
  • May 31, 12:19 PM: The Magisters arrive at the royal castle on Salimore and charge the throne room, encountering the entire royal family. A fight breaks out as another fight breaks out between the team and the villains in the Null Void. The recruits get by the villains, who agree to form a truce against the team, and then chase them down. The team gets the sword piece from two prisoners near a crashed meteor. They fight the villains and defeat them, next contacting Hornbok. He explains about the potential hit on Horus Set, and the team quickly rushes to Salimore to help. Suddenly, Snipe arrives at the castle and ultimately kills Horus Set. In turn, Ra'ol Set kills Snipe. The Plumbers get away and return to Fractal City, where they debrief. Later, Ra'ol Set talks with Amune and plans his coronation and their wedding.


  • June 3, 12:43 AM NPT: Atop Mt. Everest, the Ringmaster, Archangel, Revel, and Auris plan to destroy the base camp and then flee the mountain. They attack the camp and instruct the only two survivors to report the attack to the local officials before flying away. Eventually, the team arrives and questions the two civilians about the incident. They discover a cave in the mountainside, which leads to a laboratory run by the two survivors. They learn that the survivors are alien scientists studying Earth's magnetic field. Meanwhile, the rest of the Plumbers track the Ringmaster to New York City and plan to confront him.
  • June 3, 6:19 AM: The rest of the team leaves Fractal City to head for New York City.
  • June 3, 6:40 AM: The team fights the Ringmaster and his team. After a while, the team splits into two, one of which continues the fight, while Paper, Sci, Zon, Nick, and Relgo head to Incarcecon.
  • June 3, 7:29 AM: At Incarcecon, the team meets David Stavo and realizes that in order to stop the Ringmaster they need to head to the Chamber of Mirrors on Dragonia.
  • June 3, 7:46 AM: The team and David Stavo arrive on Dragonia and prepare to confront the Council of 12. They contact Slick and tell him to tell the Ringmaster about the planned encounter.
  • June 3, 7:51 AM: Slick tells the Ringmaster about the Chamber of Mirrors, and he heads there immediately, leaving the rest to continue the fight. As David pleads with Zandar, the Ringmaster arrives. The Council ultimately decides to let David into the Chamber, angering the Ringmaster. He attacks Zandar, who redirects the blast back at him. David and the Plumbers head to the Chamber. The Ringmaster enters the Chamber, too, allowing David to begin the ritual where he will destroy the rings.
  • June 4, 7:19 PM NPT: The team on Everest discovers that the scientists are actually building a time machine for Chemestris. Back in the Chamber, the ritual finishes, resulting in the rings being trapped within the mirror. As Anthony is cuffed, David betrays the team and takes the rings for himself before disappearing. They explain the results to Zandar and then return to Fractal City to debrief. The team reunites and decides that they need to put an end to the Ringmaster's threats.
  • June 8, 10:15 AM: As Hornbok explains the plan to destroy the final two domes, Paradox arrives and warns the Plumbers of the Aldabarbarian's attack. Hornbok then explains the history of the Aldabarbarians.
  • June 8, 12:37 PM: The Secretary-General and the President of the United States deliver a speech to the public, letting them know about the encroaching Aldabarbarian warship. They then talk with Ben Tennyson his team about potential solutions.
  • June 8, 11:24 PM NPT: Auris warns the Ringmaster that the Aldabarbarians would completely ruin his plans and convinces him to stop the ship.
  • June 8, 2:19 PM: Aboard the Phantom's Nest, two Aldabarbarians give Bioth a tour of the ship and explain a bit about their plans. Bioth meets the Phantom and informs him that it was the Salimorians who put the dome on the Earth. The Phantom is disgusted by the Elite and declares that he will kill them, starting with Bioth. Chemestris interferes, but the Phantom dismisses them, dumping them out of the ship. They land in their own ship and fly off for Psyocs to begin other plans. An Aldabarbarian Commander then informs the Phantom that the ship will be in attack range in approximately 10 hours.
  • June 8, 3:07 PM CDT: At Midnight City, the Plumbers break into five teams to deal with the attack. Hornbok explains the situation to the Secretary General and the President of the United States as the Plumbers begin to execute their plan. Near the approaching ship, Auris arrives and the Ringmaster starts to attack the ship. The Plumbers soon arrive and realize that the Ringmaster is fighting against the Aldabarbarians as well. A fleet of warships launches from underneath the Phantom's Nest. The members of two of the teams each begin to hijack a ship. One team heads for Novosibirsk and the other Canberra in order to destroy the final two domes. Suddenly, the ship stops as another large ship appears across from it. The Phantom shouts angrily as Paradox reveals that he brought the other ship there. Truph explains that the attack on Earth is a threat of war to the Betelgusians. Paradox and Truph then teleport out of the ship and arrive on the Betelgusian warship.
  • June 9, 12:41 AM: Paradox and Truph discuss the significance of the upcoming summer for a plethora of reasons as they discover that Chemestris and Bioth are aboard the ship. Meanwhile, Paper, Sci, Bink, Future Paper, and Slick arrive on the Phantom's Nest and begin to search for the Phantom. Slick explains about the Aldabarbarian-Betelgusian rivalry as they approach the command room. They enter the room, and the Phantom soon realizes that the Child of Darkness is aboard his ship.
  • June 9, 1:03 PM OMSST: Brian, Jack, Zon, Nar, and Ben destroy the dome in Novosibirsk. Back at the Phantom's Nest, a fight begins between the Phantom and the team of Plumbers aboard, which eventually spills out onto the front on the ship as the Ringmaster and his team get involved. On the Betelgusian ship, Truph begins to fight Bioth and Chemestris. The three and Paradox agree to unite against the Aldabarbarians. Back at the outside of the Aldabarbarian's ship, Hornbok, Toon, Future Toon, Nick, and Water continue to fight the Ringmaster. Eventually, the Ringmaster gets inside the ship and confronts the Phantom directly. The Ringmaster knocks out the Phantom, but the Plumbers turn towards him and the fight continues.
  • June 9, 6:19 PM AEDT: Aevan, Sub, Rob, Will, and Cassie destroy the Dome in Canberra. Back at the ship, Truph arrives with the Ice Key, which he claims will put the entire Aldabarbarian armada into a dormant state. Hornbok and Truph get into the ship with the help of Water, and Truph replaces the Fire Key with the Ice Key, sealing the Phantom, the ship, and the entire fleet in place. The Betelgusian fleet returns to its warship as the Plumbers and friends begin to celebrate.
  • June 9, 8:32 PM: The team debriefs on the destruction of the final two domes and the Aldabarbarian's attack. They decide to cloak the Phantom's Nest instead of moving it, and also realize that the Ringmaster once again got away.
  • June 9, 9:16 PM: On Betelgusia, Truph realizes that he doesn't have the Fire Key.
  • June 9, 9:19 PM: Chemestris presents the Fire Key to the Elite and receives high praise from Lotin.
  • June 15, 9:15 AM: A shadow of Rigon confronts Virton at his home on Vallion. The shadow destroys a fake copy of the Hero's Sword and lets Virton know that something has been opened.
  • June 16, 9:15 AM: Sci explains about the Dominion Region and how the fourth piece of the Sword of Rigon is located there to Paper, Hornbok, Future Paper, Future Toon, Sci, brian, Zon, Toon, Bink, Nar, Sub, Nick, and Cassie. Rage appears to conduct his trial with Paper as the rest of the team heads off for the Dominion Region.
  • June 16, 10:11 AM: Hornbok turns off the navigation systems on the Plumbers' ship as Sci pilots the ship randomly around to get lost into the Dominion Region.
  • June 16, 10:14 AM: Paper begins Rage's trial and views events such as the slaughtering of Love and Sci's mom holding him as a baby. He then sees another flashback, this time of Lotin murdering his parents.
  • June 16, 10:19 AM: The team arrives in the Dominion Region, where Hornbok gives blood to the guard in exchange for entrance. The team manages to rig together a EMP blast in order to destroy a lava monster to get past the Fire Realm of the region. As they enter the ice realm, the ship crashes after being hit by a giant snowball. Bink and Future Paper stay behind to fix the ship as the rest of the team continues forwards. On the Spiritual Plain, Rage tells Paper to kill a spiritual version of Lotin. Meanwhile, the team has made it to the fifth realm, a jungle. As they approach the gate the sixth realm, the one of darkness, Hornbok gives Sci a ring from Bink that should protect him from Rigon's influence. As they reach the door to the seventh realm, the power of the ring fails and Rigon possesses Sci. In the trial, Paper is unable to kill the spiritual Lotin, which results in him passing the trial. Hope arrives on the Spiritual Plain and lets Rage know that his help his needed. She instructs Paper to wait in Fractal City until his team returns. The team arrives in the seventh realm of the Dominion Region and stands across from the clock of Rigon. A fight breaks out between Sci, the team, with Bink and Future Paper having returned, the newly arrived Sages, and the newly arrived Elite and Virton. Eventually, Virton confronts Sci directly, and then Sci fronts Rigon within his own mind. Brian, remembering that Sci said destroying the clock would weaken Rigon, destroys the clock, Rigon, controlling Sci, reveals that he tricked the team into destroying the clock. Hornbok manages to get the sword piece, and then the Sages, minus Joy, perform a spell to free Sci from Rigon's control. The Plumbers escape the Dominion Region as it collapses in on itself into a black hole. On the way home, Hope talks with Sci about the recent events. The Plumbers debrief with Paper, as the Sages debrief about Rigon, Paper's trial, as well as the Aldabarbarian-Betelgusian conflict. Hope warns the group about an upcoming war between fire and ice.
  • June 17, 8:42 AM: A reporter announces that the President of the United States and the Secretary-General of the United Nation will soon address the world about the Aldabarbarian-Betelgusian conflict. In a meeting room, Ben Tennyson summarizes the conflict to the two leaders. They address the world as Hornbok and a random human watch from aboard the International Space Station.
  • June 17, 9:18 AM: Hornbok asks the human, whose name is Carl, to take him down to the Phantom's Nest so that he can investigate the ship. Hornbok flies a jet out of the ISS as Lotin arrives on the ISS and takes it over.
  • June 17, 11:50 AM: Paper, Sci, and Kali plan to begin searching for Joy, the final sage, in one hour.
  • June 17, 12:04 PM: On the Phantom's Nest, Hornbok begins to investigate and is confronted by Lotin. The latter declares that Hornbok will actually die and that he will get the Ice Key as a fight begins. Meanwhile, Paper tells Sci and Kali that Joy is at the center of The Great Triangle, which Kali says is made up of three planets: Aldabarbaria, Betelgusia, and Pollunia. She says that in the middle is the Destination. As they fly closer to the Destination, Rigon takes control of Sci, but loses control as they land.
  • June 17, 4:19 PM: Once outside, they encounter Virton, Argo, and Heria, as a fight begins. Eventually, Virton makes the three heroes guide him to the final sage. On the Phantom's Nest, Lotin removes the Ice Key, freeing the Phantom. Lotin injures Hornbok and then teleports away with the Phantom. Paradox arrives with Truph, and the four realize that Chemestris had the Fire Key all along, not Truph, and that Lotin probably went to Aldabarbaria with the Phantom. On the Destination, the group reaches a tower and finds Joy, whom Virton begins to argue with. Virton has a mental breakdown as Joy and Paper begin the final trial. During the trial, Joy reveals the back story of Virton. Suddenly, Virton attacks Joy in the real world as a sword pokes out of his chest on the Spiritual Plain. Paper and Joy return to the real world. Rigon briefly possesses Sci again as Paper tries to reason with Virton. His breakdown continues as Joy requests that the heroes take him to the top of the tower.
  • June 17, 7:33 PM: Hornbok, Syla, Truph, and Paradox confront Lotin, Chemestris, Bioth, and the Phantom on Aldabarbaria. The villains split up, with Lotin knocking out the Phantom and taking the Ice Key with him, while Chemestris and Bioth take the Fire Key with them. The heroes then return back to Fractal City. Paper, Sci, and Kali arrive at the top of the tower on the Destination with Joy, where the other Sages perform a ritual, reviving Joy's power. The Sages also revive Athena, the wife of Virton, who reforms and gives Paper the final piece of the sword of Rigon. That night at Fractal City, Bink casts a spell that seals the five pieces of the sword back into one. The team then begins to plan for the final fight with the Ringmaster and Ra'ol Set's coronation. Hornbok also reveals that he went to the Phantom's Nest, and summarizes what happened afterwards.
  • June 17, 11:11 PM: Lotin imprisons the Phantom in a cell on Corten II using the Ice Key.
  • June 28, 5:19 PM NPT: At the summit of Mt. Everest, the Ringmaster plans to destroy the Earth using Dragonian Seismic Generators, which will literally crack apart the Earth. He summons thousands of Dragonian soldiers to help him.
  • June 28, 4:36 AM MDT: In Center City, the soldiers place a DSG in front of the government building. It activates and begins to shake the ground as a storm forms in the city.
  • June 28, 10:38 AM UTC: The same occurs in Oakwood.
  • June 28, 5:39 PM WIT: The same occurs in Sigara.
  • June 28, 12:40 PM EET: The same occurs in Plavao.
  • June 28, 7:19 AM: 34 Plumbers and other heroes assemble at the base on Fractal City, divide into teams of two, and each take a ship to somewhere on Earth where one of the DSG's is located, with the expectation that some teams may need to take out more than one.
  • June 28, 7:37 AM: Toon and Future Toon head for Newport and work together to destroy the DSG. Future Toon then explains a lot about the future to Toon as they begin to head to the rendezvous point.
  • June 27, 7:48 AM: Sci and Kali destroy the DSG in Midnight City. Afterwards, Sci hears a voice who calls him "son". The two head back to their ship.
  • June 27, 8:01 AM: Paper and Future paper run in circles around the Dragonian brute protecting the DSG in Fellson City. They destroy the DSG and head to their next target, Cape Canaveral.
  • June 27, 5:12 AM PDT: Hornbok and Syla destroy the DSG in Los Angeles and then talk to each other about their plans for after the prophecy is over.
  • June 27, 8:19 AM: Paper and Future Paper arrive in Cape Canaveral and find Revel and Archangel protecting the DSG. They begin to fight each other.
  • June 27, 3:20 PM EET: Bink and Nick work together to destroy the DSG in Plavao, with Bink accidentally destroying much of the neighborhood where the generator was. Nick gets angry with Bink for destroying part of his hometown, and then the two get into an argument over Bink's apparent love for Paper. They head back to the ship as the fight in Cape Canaveral between Revel and Archangel and the two Papers continues. The two sides realize that they are both trying to destroy the generator. They head into a cave where the generator is, but Revel and Archangel betray the two Papers. The Ringmaster arrives and destroys the DSG, revealing that it was just a means of separating the Plumbers so that he could bring in his invasion force. They start to fight the Ringmaster and his army and eventually call in the rest of the team for help. Before they arrive, the two Papers work together to make the cave collapse in on itself as they carry the unconscious villains out. They remove the Ringmaster's rings as the Plumbers arrive. Auris arrives and declares that the Plumbers are now his master according to the Dragonian right of passage. Back on Fractal City, Paper and Nick brush by each other in the hallway. Menawhile, Hornbok talks with Ivada, Sci, and Kali about a final attack against the Elite involving the coronation of Ra'ol Set.


  • June 9, 3:19 AM: Ra'ol Set briefly talks with Amon Set and then says he is going to get some sleep. Amune reveals herself and talks with Amon about how Ra'ol has been acting strangely as of late. Amon reveals that Ra'ol has been acting strangely ever since he joined the Elite, at which points Ra'ol reveals that he has been listening in on the conversation. He then reveals that he had Horus Set killed. He announces that he will actually get ready for the coronation, which begins in less than 6 hours.
  • June 9, 5:48 AM: Hornbok praises Nick, Sub, Nar, Will, and Cassie as he briefs them on a mission to interfere with Ra'ol Set's coronation. Their plan is to steal his crown, and then open negotiations for him to get it back. They leave to do that as Paper, Sci, Kali, Future Paper, Future Toon, and Ivada enter the room and begin to plan for the final fight with Rigon. The team arrives on Salimore and splits into two groups. Nick, Sub, and Nar head for the throne room and fight many guards while searching for the crown. Meanwhile, Will and Cassie infiltrate the castle through a side entrance and eventually meet up with the other group as they enter the throne room. They grab the crown as Amon Set ambushes them. They fight and eventually Amon lets them escape the castle, informing Ra'ol that the crown has been taken immediately afterwards. Ra'ol makes Amon steal the crown back as Hornbok reminds the team to begin negotiations and avoid a fight. He continues his discussion with the others about who will go where on the day that Rigon is freed. On Salimore, the recruits request to know the Elite's plans for the alignment in exchange for returning the crown. Before the exchange can be made, a fight breaks out.
  • June 9, 12:45 PM: The Sages stand atop the tower on the Destination. They discuss the closing lines of the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum about Sci being brought to his lowest point by the reincarnation of Love, who Fear confirms is Kali. On Salimore, Amon Set takes the crown from the team, whom the Salimorians let escape. Later, the Elite watch on as Amon Set performs the coronation ritual on his brother, with a large crown of Salimorians watching below. After the coronation, Viper and Lotin discuss their newly born son and how the former wants him to be raised with a father and not without one like some of the Plumbers. On Fractal City, Hornbok delivers a brief pep talk, and the final preparations for the final fight with Rigon begin.
  • July 12, 11:19 PM: Lotin begins to recap the events of the previous two years and four months.
  • July 12, 11:20 PM: Simultaneously, Paper continues the recap as Lotin and Paper each recap different events from the past. The entire Elite groups together and declare that they must succeed.
  • July 13, 1:42 AM: Virton awakes from a nightmare about his defeat of Rigon. Athena questions his plans as Lotin arrives and pleads with Virton to choose the side that he knows is right. Lotin leaves, and Virton states his support for the heroes agagainst Rigon and the Elite.
  • July 13, 4:19 AM: Hornbok and Future Paper monitor Paper and Sci as they lie comatose. Rigon begins to control both of them as Hornbok declares that their plan is beginning early because of the possession. Paper and Sci burst onto a ship as Future Paper, Future Toon, Kali, Toon, Nick, Bink, and the Magisters follow them onto the ship as it takes off for the Destination. Rigon relinquishes his control of Paper and Sci as Hornbok confirms that he brought the Sword of Rigon with him. Sci also reminds the team that he will be trapped within Rigon's prison once Rigon himself is freed.
  • July 13, 6:08 AM: The team arrives on the Destination and heads for the tower where the Sages are.
  • July 13, 1:40 PM EET: The rest of the recruits arrive in Athens to destroy the main base of the Grid, but only after finding Sci's mother. Brian chases after a figure he sees. After a brief fight, the team realizes that the woman is Sephone, Sci's mother, and they give her a Plumbers' badge so that she can be contacted later. On the Destination, the Sages great the team. They announce that they can perform a ritual to prevent Sci from being trapped in the prison when Rigon escapes. Virton arrives as the Sages begin the ritual, but it is revealed to be another trick by the Elite, with the Sages revealing themselves to be five of the members of the Elite, minus Lotin and Lucifer, with simple ID masks on. The Elite form a magic dome around themselves and Sci as Lotin, Lucifer, and magically trapped Sages watch from the top of the tower.


  • January 16, 4:05 PM: Paper and Toon meet up and head back in time, to try and prevent the rest of the recruits from being killed. After they change the past, the scene is re-shown, this time with Sci in it as well. After Paper and Toon leave this time, Sci exits the base, which is actually in the destroyed Bellwood, and is eventually captured by Brian, who has switched sides.

More will be added as more episode and comics are released.