Dimension 1218 is a dimension made by Slush7450 (God).

The Beginning

  • 13.7 billion years ago the universe was created by a being called Slush7450 (God).
  • The Timeline at the beginning started to branch into many timelines and shift creating its own Timestream.
  • Realities began to diverge and eventually this new multiverse began to intertwine and merge with the Ben 10 multiverse.

Prior to 231AD

  • Millions of years ago
    • A meteor crashes on Galvan Prime.
    • The Omnivoracious species becomes extinct.
  • Before 231AD
    • Azmuth is born.
    • Zennith is born.
    • Zennith creates the planet Primus and later begins creation on Ascalon.
    • Azmuth leaves Zennith, she doesn't know until she found him gone when she finishes creating Ascalon.


  • 231
    • Hercules is born.
  • Prior to 1131
    • The destruction of the North homeworld, North Prime takes place.
  • 1131
    • Hercules acquires Ascalon from Zennith.
  • After 1131
    • Zennith creates the Mimitrix and the Alternatrix.
    • The Forever Spartans are founded by Hercules.
    • The Forever Spartans kidnap an alien mapmaker.

20th-21th Century

  • 1966
  • Bart Rude is born
  • 1975
      • Sophia Hobson is born.
  • 1942
    • Professor Eternity's teleporter fails, sending him out of space for 100,000 years.
  • 2000
    • Emily Hobson is born.
  • 2001
    • Sophia Hobson meets Bart along with the Synthroid.
    • Sophia became a plumber with Bart, and learns shes an Anodite and hes Part Revonnahgander.
  • 2003
    • Ben Hobson is born.
  • 2010
    • Sophia Hobson and Jon get married.
  • 2019
    • Ben Hobson finds the Alternatrix on his 16th birthday and becomes Ben X.
    • On the same day they discover Emily's Osmosian Abilities


  • The Limax War happens.
  • The Martian revolt happens.
  • Ben begins to call himself Ben MX.
  • .


  • 1218 is the number marvel comics gave the real world.
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