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Earth-113 is the universe where the franchise Seb 10 takes place.


Earth-113 has its culture based off that of the Ben 10 Franchise,When They Cry Franchise and Real Life,as such Mr Smoothies,Sumo Slammers from Ben 10 Franchise exists,Witches and Gods from When They Cry franchise as well and some Real Life places and references are there as well.

This earth has a multitude of Dimensions,each with their own quirks and weird stuff.Most of them have similar continuities,with just something

Time Restarting

Thanks to certain gods,if someone or something destroys the planet,suffer or anything like that,that god will restart the timeline a multitude of times,until the timeline is right,changing something with its restarts.Such as who gets an Omnitrix or other things.Those restarts are also called Reboots or Chapters.


This version of the earth is where the events of Seb 10 Franchise takes place and this is where the time always restarts,this earth always changing a bit.

Planets that exist in every Dimension/Timeline

  • Terra
  • Pyros
  • Galvan Prime
  • Galvan B

Significant Dimensions

Earth-113's dimensions are alternate timelines which have major or minor differences.

Dimension 1-1(Prime Timeline)

The dimension contains the timeline where most of the Seb 10 Franchise takes place

Dimension LD-005

The dimension where the cancelled Matt Z series took place.

Dimension M

The dimension where the cancelled Maximum Mutation series took place


The dimension where most of the Rise of The Antitrix takes place.


This earth's alternative of Earth-10.

Ultimate Dimension

In this dimension, Ben Tennyson never gave up the Ultimatrix, as Azmuth thought he was responsible enough.

In this world the events of Ben 10: Omniverse never happened, and Ben Tennyson becomes Ultimate Ben in the future instead of Ben 10,000.

Celestial Dimension

This is the world gods are native from, as they created the universe, and reincarnate humans to other worlds or just bless someone.This is the place where Ariyus and Negativa'at live.

The Forge of Creation Dimension

This is where all the universe's Celestialsapiens come from, and they're the judges for crimes against the Universe or the Multiverse itself.

Dimension Reboot

This is where the events of The Reboot Ben 10, Ben 10: Unleashed Forces and Ben 10: Mega Reboot series take place, as it differs a little from the canon of Earth-113.

Dimension Xrrlo'orp

This timeline is a pocket dimension. It is not known how or why exactly this pocket dimension was created and is known by the most universes as Xrrlo'orp, though people from the Prime Timeline of Earth-113 like to call it the Magic Dimension.

Dimension Null

This is where the pocket dimension of the Null Void is.