Earth-1020 is the universe where Kai 20: Aliens In Danger takes place.


This Earth isn't so much different from the Canon Universe.It has the same planets as that timeline plus a few.

  • Differences from canon:

Known Timelines

  • Timeline 20
  • Timeline 12 (Not to be confused with Dimension 12 from the canon,even tho they have similar appearence and history doesn't mean they are the same)
    • In this Timeline,Albedo turned Earth into a wasteland,he is now planning on conquering other planets out there.
      • In this timeline Azmuth as well as Albedo's counterpart from this dimension are dead.

Known Dimensions

  • None at the moment.


  • This Earth share more similaraties to the Timeline where UA Ben 10K exists,still they are in NO way the same:
    • The Alfatrix resembles the Omnitrix that Ben 10k has in UA and can go Ultimate meaning that the Watch that he was wearing could've been a timeline where Kai didn't find it.
      • This can be disproven by saying that he could've just not destroyed the Omnitrix against Vilgax.
  • Time in Timeline 12 passes 3 times faster then the one in Timeline 20.
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