Earth-101 is a universe where various series take place in. These series include, but are not limited to, the Crisis franchise, Legend of Heroes and the upcoming Dimensional Reality.

Major Events

Dimension 1

  • The Master Assassins, a mysterious group, shows up and kills people on their list for "failing the universe".
  • Ben, accompanied by Gwen, Kevin, Rook, and Max try and stop them.
  • Magister Pattelliday, Will Harangue, and Azmuth are eliminated.
  • Other targets, however, survive. This includes Rad Dudesman, Blukic and Driba, Max Tennyson, Kevin Levin, and Gwen Tennyson.
  • Rook agrees to join the Master Assassins.
  • It is revealed that Azmuth had started The Master Assassins, and that a new leader will always be chosen.
  • Ben is chosen as the new leader by the entity.
  • Ben starts leading the Master Assassins and starts a war between the Plumbers and the Forever Knights. He takes advantage of this war and goes looking for a power core.
  • One month later, Ben returns and powers the weapon with the power core. He sends Kevin, Gwen, and Max on a wild goose chase in space.
  • Before they could return, Ben destroys Earth.
  • A few weeks later, Kevin lures Ben to him. He charges at him with the Rust Bucket III, and both ships collide, thus, both Ben and Kevin along with Rook die.
  • Paradox shows up and says that the Evil Entity will make the universe into nothing and tells Gwen to make a spell to fix this, which she does.
  • End of a Crisis happens.
  • Roy Morgan gets the Omnitrix and starts training with his brother, Joe, and Dr. James Haywan.

Known Dimensions

  • Dimension 1 (Main timeline)
  • Dimension 4 (No-Watch Ben timeline)
  • Dimension 10 (Canon timeline)
  • Dimension 14 (Albedo hero timeline)
  • Dimension 15 (Nega Ben timeline)
  • Dimension 23 (Ben 23 timeline)
  • Dimension 36 (Gwen 10 timeline)
  • Dimension 62 (Mad Ben timeline)
  • Dimension 74 (Psycho-crazy Ben timeline)
  • Dimension 86 (President Ben timeline)
  • Dimension 130 (Pure Evil timeline)

Involved Projects

The following projects are involved in this universe.

Ben 10 & The Master Assassins | Crisis: Broken Days | Legend of Heroes | Dimensional Reality
Main Characters
Ben Tennyson | Gwen Tennyson | Kevin Levin | Roy Morgan | Joe Morgan
Recurring Characters
Professor Paradox | Azmuth | Rook Blonko
The Master Assassins (Leader)

Ben 10 & The Master Assassins Episodes

Enter Assassins | The Dudesman Theory | The Hunt For The Illuminati | Breaking News | Real Targets | Right On Time | Guilty As Charged | The Osmosian Target | Mana of The Target | Crisis Begins

Crisis: Broken Days Episodes

B | Good Knight


End of a Crisis

Legend of Heroes Episodes
Birthday Present | Most Powerful Man Alive
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