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EX 10
Creators Me (DarkWolfr)
Helpers Maurili3 (Crossover)
Art Designer(s) and Others DarkWolfr


Seasons Season 1: Friends and Foes


Episodes S1 E1: “What’s this?”
Created on 13th of August 2018
Rating Unknown
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EX 10 is a series by DarkWolfr that follows Leox, Axmuft, and the gang, as they try and defeat the evil aliens, purifying corrupted aliens, and having adventures, and fun. It is supposed to have at least 3 seasons, and it was created on 13th of August 2018. The nickname of EX 10 would be: EXT...


Follow Leox, and the gang, as they battle corruptions and purify them, battle evil aliens, fight the bad guys, and have some fun! The Episodes will come in, but I will not be able to keep making the episodes, as I do not have much time on my hands...


These are the episodes (I am not listing it here.) Episode Guide Link: EX 10/Episode Guide


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  • Leox
  • Leo
  • Axmuft
  • Cosmo
  • TBA


  • Psyphon
  • Wildfire
  • Corruptions
  • TBA


Omnitrix Aliens

  • MalFunk
  • Aquapipe
  • Trace
  • Hot Chill
  • Splitskull
  • Time-R
  • Shriekton
  • Grabs
  • Cloudthrow
  • Spikeleaf
  • Mischief, Ultimate Mischief
  • Magneton
  • Big Claws
  • Ghostheat, Ultimate Ghostheat
  • Zapcord
  • Spores
  • TBA
Ultimate Forms
  • Ultimate MalFunk
  • Ultimate Aquapipe
  • TBA

Nemetrix Aliens

  • TBA
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