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E-Humans are humans from an alternate timeline. They live on the planet E-arth.


E-Humans have black skin, glowing eyes and are taller than normal Humans. The surrounding seems darker in proportion, hence why Nighteye's Omnitrix symbol is dark green.

Powers and Abilities

E-Humans are capable of teleportation. They are also much stronger and durable, and have glowing eyes.

Origins and Biology

Unlike Humans, E-Humans have destroyed the original Earth, and they evolved to live on its fragments, after renaming it to E-arth.


E-Humans are ophtalmophobic and hate receiving attention, even if just looked at. They developed glowing eyes to reflect the photons incoming from others' eyes.


In Dimension Jump, Evfnye visited the E-Dimension, meeting E-Humans.

Notable E-Humans


  • E-Humans are based off Minecraft's Endermen.