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Dustpit was the wiki's October 2020 featured Alien!

Dustpit is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Dustithian from the planet Sanditihia III.


Dustpit is made of sand, while taking inspiration from crabs.

Dustpit's body is primarily sand-colored with black dots, representing the small minerals in his body. He has a yellow strap at the top of his crown-like head which is slightly tilted to the right and wraps around his head. He also has shells embedded into him and one large shovel-like shell on top of his head. He has yellow eyes with black markings running through them from the top of his strap, positioned like spikes. He has four straps which connect to his chest and wrap around his back. He does not have legs, instead having a sand mound under him, similar to a snail's. He also has crab-like claws with sharp edges and black marks similar to gloves, as well as sharp blade-like appendages coming out from his elbows.

Dustpit wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest which connects his straps together.

In his crystal form, Dustpit's body turns a very light blue with a crystalline shine and straps are now encased in crystal.


Dustpit's voice sounds like a medium-toned surfer's voice.


Dustpit tends to use generic surfer slang.

Powers and Abilities

Dustpit is extremely elastic and flexible thanks to his sand-like body and can shapeshift into various different shapes, and he can transform back into his original form without problems. If he wishes to, he can separate his body into tiny pieces or mounds of sand.

If Dustpit's body is wet, he can mold and harden due to the stickiness of his wet body, causing him to become some sort of sand wall. However, it will eventually fully harden and therefore limits his molding capabilities in this form.

Dustpit can create and manipulate shells in order to throw them at enemies, which are sharp enough to pierce a weather machine. He can alter the target and trajectory mid-air, though once it hits something it loses its manipulatory capabilities. He can also use the shell atop his head to dig like a shovel or battle opponents as if it was a sword.

Dustpit can also control sand and manipulate it, being able to curve its trajectory at opponents or redirect it at new targets. He can also drop the sand into more mounds of sand in order to increase the amount of sand he controls. Usually, it is in the shape of projectiles, though it can be changed.

Dustpit can regenerate after being damaged, even after his limb being cut off. Thanks to this, he is virtually indestructible and can regenerate from the most deadly attacks.

Dustpit does not have to breathe, allowing him to keep underwater.

Being made of sand, Dustpit can virtually absorb any hit that comes at him. He can also remove sand from the location where the attack went and regenerate his body quickly.

If Dustpit is overheated, he will turn into crystal for a short window of time before freezing. In this form, he cannot shapeshift, but he is immensely durable.

In crystal form, when Dustpit summons shells, they will be made of crystal and break on impact. They are also much sharper than normal, and can slice through virtually anything. His claws also become extremely sharp, with the same properties of his shells.

Dustpit can use his crab-like pincers or sword-like shell to scratch his body, creating a very loud, screeching sound.


Dustpit will slow down after being in water. He will also become extremely heavy, due to the water affecting his mass.

If Dustpit is hit by a strong wind, such as those generated by a Morphian, or is sliced up, he cannot regenerate quickly.

Due to being made of sand, Dustpit's body will eventually harden when wet and be stuck. He can also easily be contained in containers such as buckets due to having no solid body.


  • In Storm Front, Dustpit was defeated by Storm.


  • Storm Front (debut)


Dustpit comes from dust and pit.



  • Dustpit's idea came from Sandbox from Ben 10, and the fact that he was never shown onscreen.
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