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This is the tenth episode of the second season.

Cassie 12: Original Series
Season 2, Episode 23
Production Code: 23
Airdate: Unknown
Written By: Speedy
Directed By: Speedy
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"Hey is this even real?"


A Duplicating Alien unlocked at the beach!


The Camera goes to a beach, where the main three characters except for Stallion who is off and about doing his merrily business. It's been maybe a few days since Gerald's house has exploded or maybe this is in a unknown limbo time.

[Gastro]: So this is a beach? (wearing swim trunk and his watch around his neck)

[Cassie]: Why you not surf the web during the information gathering?

[Gastro]: I sink in information. Not images.

[Anna]: (Laughs) Which reminds me. Can you two swim?

[Cassie]: Of course I can.

[Gastro]: (squeaks) I don't know.

[Cassie]: I can teach you how to swim.

[Anna]: (sits on a chair)(has sunglasses on) I'm going to enjoy the sun while you teach him how to swim.

Cassie and Gastro go into the water.

[Cassie]: Ocean Alien swimming teach! (Slams the faceplate)


Duplite: Duplite! (stretches arms) (half out the water) Snickers, you are going to learn how to swim!

[Gastro]: Snickers?

[Duplite]: (pushing him forward) Someday you will learn. (Notices kid) Hello kid(smiles)

[Kid]: (Gulps at her array of teeth) MOMMMY! (runs off)

[Gastro]: I--I--I'm scared.

[Duplite]: (Duplicates herself) Now you got many hands to help you! (surround him)

[Gastro]: Is that a joke?

[Duplite 1]: I dunno

[Duplite 2]: Come on man. Just move your feet in a bicycle position.

[Duplite 5]: (comes up holding a treasure with duplite 4) Look what we found!

[Duplites]: Cool!! (Let go of him)(go to the other Duplite holding treasure)

[Gastro]: III'M SSIIIINNNKKIIINNNG! (Fails arms)

[Duplites]: We got something cooolzio!

[Duplite 2]: Woopy!

[Duplite 3]: I'll get chu! (Swims after Gastro)

[Duplite number]: We may get rich and famous!

[Duplite 5]: Yeah!

[Duplite 3]: (Swims like a Olympic swimmer towards Gastro)

[Duplite 5]: (The treasure turns out to be a ship anchor) I bet this one costs a million bucks!

[Duplites]: OOooohhhh lalalala!

[Duplite 3]:(brings him up) Move your legs in a Dog paddle. Up and down. Down and up.

[Duplites]: Lets sell this thing! (run out the water)

[Surfer]: (is floating in the water beside his surf board) I must be dreaming. (rubs his eyes)(eyes blink)

[Gastro]: Yay! (is floating) I can swim!

[Duplite 3]: Sorry, those duplicates are going to sell a thousand dollar something pirate anchor.

[Surfer]: SHARK! (Speeds away at the sight of her shark teeth) ALIEN SHARK ON THE LOOOSE!

[Gastro]: Geeze what's his problem?

[Duplite 3]: He's not a real surfer who can face Ocean Aliens.

---Duplites scene--

[Duplites]: We like to sell this please.

[Duplite 1]: For a mil!

[Surf board seller]: (Has his eyes above the counter)(is shaking) S--s-s-sell my body to death?

[Duplite 2]: No, this! (helps the others hold the rusty anchor up)

[Surf Board Seller]: (Eyes burgle) That at least costs nineteen thousand dollars on the market!



[Duplites]: YEAH! (They run back to the ocean)

--End scene

[Duplites]:(They throw the anchor back into the ocean)

[Duplite 3]: (absorbs all four duplites) I'm whole again! (waves hands in the air cheerfully)(Times out into herself)

[Cassie]: (Her eyes blink]: What just happened?

[Gastro]: I learned how to swim! (doesn't care)

Major Events

  • Gastro learned how to swim.


  • This is a relatively short episode.

Aliens Used