Duplicate is the fourth chapter of season one of Kirby 10: Captured.


Kirby Mason has now defeated a petrosapien called Tetrax in Vilgax's ship,and is now off to the second room to get out.Little does he know that in the room he will find an inverted colours version of him,the son of Albedo's son,Ghasten.Now,he has entered the third room,to find Will Harangue,Techadon Robot's,Dr.Animo,Alpha,and Kraab are all teamed up,with secret recruits behind them.


Kirby quickly looked around,and saw an escape pod.He jumped into it,and pressed a red button labled 'Eject'.The escape pod discarded from the ship,and Kirby spotted a steering wheel.He quickly ran to it,and started to steer.He landed at the third room,the first thing he spotted.He got out of the pod,and in front of him was Ghasten and Kraab.Kraab quickly said,"Villians,time to step out and once and for all destroy Kirby Mason,son of the son of Ben Tennyson,and the last tennyson of all." Kraab grins.Will Harangue,Techadon Robots,Dr. Animo,and Alpha stepped out.These villian's were Ben Tennyson's worst enemies."What are you fool's going to do? Ghasten has no omnitrix anymore,Alpha is weak and can only absorb nanite's and machines,witch i dont have,Dr. Animo took 50 years to recover,Tetrax is defeated,the Techadon Robot's target the Omnitrix 3.0,witch i dont have,Will Harangue was defeated by Ben,and withou his machines has no powers,so Kraab is the only good one!" Kirby says."Aah,Kirby.We can still fight.We have recruits we can call any time now,but we should do fine on our own.When we leave,we will be victorious,And youre skull will be on the floor." Kraab says."Villians,ATTACK!" Alpha run's fly's up to Kirby,Dr.Animo riding his toad in front of him.Kirby run's up in front of Animo,and grab's animo right off the frog.He kick's Animo into the wall,and runs behind his toad.Alpha shoot's a ray at him to fry him,but Kirby move's and the ray hit's Animo's toad,turning it too dust.Animo run's behind Kirby and jump's on him,pinning Kirby to the ground.However,Kirby manadged to stick a Plumber's badge on Animo,and suddenly,the Techadon Robot grabbed Animo and threw him into the wall,knocking Animo out."Ugh! Betraying fool!" Alpha says,and burns the Techadon Robot into ashes."NO! Youre ruining the plan,fools!" Kraab screams.

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