Duplicate is a five part chapter where Ben Tennyson's greatest villians join together to destroy Kirby Mason,the son of Ben's son,and the villians also have a secret weapon named Ghasten,who is the Albedo of Kirby.These villians contain Dr.Animo,Kraab,Will Harangue,Techadon Robot's,Dr.Animo's toad,Alpha,and Ghasten.Kirby must defeat the evil villians,and advance to the next room,room 4.

Major Events

  • A Techadon Robot and Dr.Animo's toad is disintagrated,and the rest of the robots are sent to the Null Void.
  • Dr.Animo,Alpha,Will Harangue,and Ghasten are sent to the Null Void.
  • Kraab,Vilgax's most loyal servent,is destroyed and then whats left of him sent to the Null Void.


  • Kirby Mason

Aliens Used

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