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The Duomnitrix is the dual-Omnitrix system that Diego develops as an upgrade to the Decatrix.


The two components of the Duomnitrix resemble a miniature Decatrix, and are worn on the back of the hand rather than the wrist. The gauntlet on the right resembles the original Decatrix, while the stabilizer has its core colour inverted and is more orange than red.






The Duomnitrix's default mode. In this mode, the Duomnitrix and all its functions can be utilised properly and without issue. The core glows red.


Instead of generating a forcefield, the Duomnitrix also generates a suit made of nanotechnology which the user can recreate the various aliens powers without transforming. However, these abilities won't be as powerful or effective as the actual transformations.


When DNA not in the database is near the Duomnitrix, it automatically emits a green beam that passively scans the target's DNA and adds it to the database. This function can also be used to identify injuries and weak points of an opponent to use as an advantage in combat. The core glows green.


  • It can transform the wielder into any alien from the Decatrix.
  • The Duomnitrix consists of a regular Omnimatrix and a stabilizer, thus allowing the user to perform alien fusions by slamming the two gauntlets together.
  • The user control whether they can transform into alien fusions or regular aliens.
  • The Duomnitrix has a Master Control, which allows the user to switch between aliens without touching it.
  • Once worn, the Duomnitrix could not be removed by any external means, unless the wearer commands it.
  • The Duomnitrix has a failsafe that kicks in in the event that the user's life is at risk, which turns the user into the alien necessary to survive. This function is involuntary and cannot be turned off.
  • The Duomnitrix is able to protect the user from all forms of psychic manipulation, such as; mind control and hypnosis
  • The Duomnitrix can add extra equipment to an alien form to make it safer to use. This function can be disabled.
  • The Duomnitrix is extremely durable, being able to survive the harshest conditions.
  • When worn, the Duomnitrix is instantly bonded to the user's DNA, only allowing said user to properly use the Duomnitrix.
  • The Duomnitrix has an evolution feature that is intertwined with the Master Control, allowing the user to directly transform into any Ultimate form without turning into their devolved counterparts.
  • By only using the stablizer, the user can turn certain limbs into that of the selected alien without a full transformation.

Symbiotic Aliens

  • These transformations require a host to bond with in order to access their true power. Their DNA can also be used to enhance the abilities of an already existing transformation.

Battle Gear Function

  • The Duomnitrix can provide its alien transformations with Battle Gear. By twisting the Decatrix symbol, the alien forms will be equipped with additional weapons, providing them with new powers and abilities.
  • There are currently 39 different schematics of Battle Gear stored in the Duomnitrix. Notable examples include the; Twin Destructor, Axator, Zukanator, Beamblitzer and Jetkor.

Known Aliens

The Duomnitrix can change the user into all the aliens from the Decatrix database and fuse them together. However, it also comes with several new aliens not currently in the Decatrix.


Alien Species 1 Species 2
Atomic-X Prypiatosian-A Celestialsapien
Boombox Evolved Sonorosian Galvanic Mechamorph
XLRG Kineceleran Prypiatosian-B
Armorstone Talpaedan Crystalsapien
Heatdozer Crabdozer Pyronite
Weevanchula Terroranchula Unknown Species
Amorphosaurus Vaxasaurian Polymorph
Psychill Necrofriggian Psycholeopterran
Gravitiguana Evolved Galilean Evolved Polar Manzardill
Clocktower Chronosapien Evolved To'kustar

New Aliens