Duo is similar to Ditto, Brains and Brawn and Dayjob and Nightshift. He is an ancient spirit type alien, the spirit of the yin yang (two characters in the same time and body). He is a duoens from the planet called Duoes. He is an alien from the Omnitrox.

Duo when seperated in 2


-The white part is faster while the black part is stronger and have the same intelligence

Black and white portals

-Can separate in two


-Can unite 2 things/living things into 1 and 1 thing/living thing into 2

-They can generate force fields

-While he is seperated they can re-unite from any where via teleportation

-Can talk telepathically with each other

-Can generate 2 platform circles that are also short-cut/teleporting portals (if you pass from one you'll go out from the other)

-There Yin Yang parts act like shields as well

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