General Information
Home World Sinistraa
Body Humanoid with detachable head
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Detachable head
Prehensile ahoge
Non-mouth Assisted Consumption
Soul Reaping
Enhanced Durability

Dullaha'Khans are a humanoid species with detachable heads from the planet Sinistraa


Dullaha'Khans are feminine blue-skinned humanoids. They have white hair, long enough to cover their back with a large ahoge the shape of a scythe sticking out, their left eyes are covered by hair.Their mouth have a zig-zag shape. They have a long black scarf.They wears a black and white thigh-length dress with a black long coat. Worn over the dress and the coat, is a black-lacquered western-style armored corset with matching bicep-length armored gloves and thigh-high armored heeled boots.

Both males and females of this species look alike,except for females which have longer hair and having breasts.

Powers and Abilities

This species has a detachable head. The body and the head can live with live and function without the other. Further,their heads and bodies are psychically linked, so any feeling felt by one will be reacted to by the other and vice versa.The body also seems to always have a general idea of which direction its head is currently in, though it cannot pin it down to a specific location. It is theorized that their heads and bodies may be two separate organisms that live in symbiosis.

They can teleport whenever they want without draining their energy, in what location they want.

Their ahoge is prehensile, making them able to grab objects.

They have a scythe made of a unknown material,with the scythe they have the ability to reap souls of those near dying, they can also exorcise other alien species like Ectonurite from a body.


If the head and body are separated they can't use their powers.

Their scythe can be broken leaving them unable to use their soul reaping abilities.

Due to their heads and bodies are linked,any pain delivered to their body will affects their head too and vice versa.

Notable Members

  • The Zilch (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of this species)


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