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General Information
Species: TBA
Home World: TBA
Body: Yeehaw Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Head Cannon
Spine Extension
Enhanced Strategy
Classification: Fauna
Motif: Dullahan
First Appearance: Trial X Fire (Tech Cross)
Von Zehn in die Zukunft (Project Deca)

Dullacannon is an alien from the series Tech Cross.


Dullacannon has the ability to literally launch her head off of her neck like a cannonball. The head's "hat" is actually hardened horn material capable of bashing through solid rock.

Once launched, Dullacannon's head can sprout an extendable spine growing up to 50 feet in length that allows it to move like a snake, reattach itself to the body from a distance, or even be wielded like a flail.

The head and the body have separate brains, each of which is fairly intelligent on their own, but when the head is attached to the body, the brains work in sync to make Dullacannon an unmatched battle strategist.


Dullacannon is a tactical thinker, not a mechanical one, meaning her enhanced intelligence does not immediately allow her to know factoids and details about things.


Tech Cross

Project Deca


  • Dullacannon's name is a combination of the words "Dullahan" and "cannon".


Dullacannon's primary inspiration is the Dullahan, an Irish fairy (yes, fairy) most commonly associated with the Headless Horseman and that one monster girl anime. The Dullahan is a headless rider, usually on a black horse, who carries their own head in their arm. Dullacannon's spine flail is based on the Dullahan's use of a human spine as a whip.

The cowboy inspiration for Dullacannon's design comes from the version of the Headless Horseman story written by Mayne Reid, which depicts the infamous rider in a Texan setting.


  • Dullacannon's name is a somewhat unintentional reference to the hand cannons stereotypically associated with cowboys and the Wild West.