The Dueltrix is an Omnitrix device that appears on Earth-68. It was created by and is used by Yami.


The core of the Omnitrix resembles the prototype Omnitrix. On the sides are two blade like sections, each having three card slots on them. When the Omnitrix head pops up, energy cards are revealed in a slot on the side. The Dueltrix color is purple.


The Dueltrix is specifically designed to create fusion aliens. It stores DNA samples in the energy cards, and reads them when put onto the blades. By putting one card on each blade, then slapping down the head, the Dueltrix creates a fusion alien.

The source of the fusion is the Osmosian DNA sample Gymosis. As Osmosians can absorb multiple DNA sources at once, Yami utilized a way to use that to create stable fusions. The card for Gymosis is kept in a hidden compartment on the bottom, where it is imbedded into the software. When doing fusions like this, Gymosis is not involved in the fusions. A safeguard makes it so only two aliens can be fused with this method, to keep them stable.

Another way to create fusion aliens is to place the Gymosis card on a card slot, which makes him part of the fusion. The alien limit safeguard is disabled in this case, and the user can fill the other five card slots with aliens. Gymosis being in the actual fusion keeps it stable. These forms are generally very powerful.

When an alien form is used in a fusion, that alien form is sent to the "card graveyard" as it's dubbed. This makes the alien form unavailable to be used for 24 hours, until the alien is reloaded into the system. This causes the available amount of fusions available to drop over time. This is most evident in long battles, causing the user to lose access to more powerful forms if they used an alien that's part of the fusion.


  • The Dueltrix is based off the Duel Disk, and by extension the DiaDhank.
  • The fusion alien ideas came from the fusion monsters of Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • The idea was inspired by me creating fusions in Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray (Ryder 10), and the re-introduction of fusions in the canon series.
  • The "card graveyard" was inspired from the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game.
  • The reason for aliens going to the graveyard is to make it so Yami would have to think of ways to fight with a depleted alien pool. This is similar to the Omnitrix having accidental transformations.
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