Driscoll (UH)
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Affiliations Forever Knights
Occupation(s) Leader of his faction
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Forever Knight Armor
Alias Sir Driscoll
Voice Actor Richard Doyle
First Appearance Forever Conviction

Driscoll was a member of the Forever Knights and the leader of his faction. He first appeared at the end of the episode Forever Conviction. He then reappears in Dark Frontier, working with Will Harangue.


Same as Ultimate Alien.


At the end of Forever Conviction, Driscoll informs Sir Dagonet about their progress on removing all alien influence from Earth.

In the episode Dark Frontier, Driscoll is working with Will Harangue. The former newscaster reminded Driscoll that he (Will) was the one that suggested that the Forever Knights take technology from abandoned DNAlien facilities so they can be used to assist their anti-alien activities. Telling him that they are partners for a reason. When Driscoll gets into an argument with Will Harangue about the usage of the Xenocytes the Forever Knights brought. When the Forever Knight leader realized Ben, Gwen, and Kevin were close by, he proceeded to find them. But when Driscoll found out Doctor Chadwick's lab was compromised, he was strangled to death by Harangue, who was under partial influence by the Xenocyte Queen.


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