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Powerful drill hands, can see through 20 feet of rock and metal

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Drillpit is an alien on the Acmatrix from the Andromeda Galaxy.


Drillpit is a grizzly bear sized, boxy looking machine, with no discernible head and instead one large camera in the middle of its body. It has tank treads for mobility, and four arms coming out of the top with drills on the end.


Drillpit is a robot designed to dig for zinc on mining planets that gained sapience. It is able to use its immensely powerful drills to dig through almost any material, up to 20 feet down. Its near-indestructible exterior and great mobility make it an unstoppable juggernaut physically. It also has flight capabilities, but these are limited to space travel, since that was what it was designed for. (Meaning, it can take off and land on another planet, but it can hover and zip around through one planet's atmosphere.)


Most of its weaknesses stem from its very specialized original programming, which still dictates many of its actions. Here is a list of the many limitations that were programmed into it which may affect it in battle:

  • It will not go into water, although it could survive it just fine.
  • It will not attack anyone of a species that is programmed into the "organic miners" list, the list of all employees of the mining company, which are many species from the Andromeda Galaxy. The exact list is unknown, but these species are included: Orishan, Talpaedan, Prypiatosian-B.
  • If it locates a deposit of gold or zinc, it will drop everything and dig it up, no matter what else is going on.


  • As seen on Ben 10: Unlimited Power, when he is extremely angry, he can block out the need to locate gold or zinc.
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