Driller is a Trypanian from the planet Forage in The Omni-Knights. He is a confirmed alien for season 3.

General Information
Species Trypanian
Home World Forage
Body Drill-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Geokinesis, can drill underground, using his drill hands as an attack
First Appearance Unknown


Driller's body consists of two drills, one pointing up and the other downwards. Between the drills there are two blue eyes and the Prototrix symbol. His hands are brown and have drills on their tips.


  • About the size of Humungousaur
  • Can drill underground incredibly fast
  • Drill hands can be used to attack
  • Geokinesis
  • The drills are indestructible and can drill through absolutley ANY substance
  • Spinning in place, and hitting with his drill hands


&nbsp Driller can only move through drilling underground, making him useless in space or in a spaceship. Usually, to stay in place he must drill a bit into the ground.


  • Season 3 of The Omni-Knights.


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