Super Mutant Cyborg Drilldozer.png

Is An Upcoming Villain In An Upcoming Episode of Ben 10: Galactic SmashA Super Mutant  Created by Dr. Animo and Cybernetically Enhanced By Techadon Weapon Master Number 13  His is Part of Ganthar's Negative 10

He is 1/6 Florauna1/6 Crabdozer 1/6 Poison Dart Frog 1/2 Machine


Powers and Abilities

From Alien DNA

All of the Powers Wildvine  and Crabdozer

From Earth Animal DNA

Toxic skin and jumping ability

Mutant Powers

  1. His Crabdozer Head has breath so powerful that it can cause cyclone-like winds.
  2. His Body produces alkaloids so his skin won't lose toxicity
  3. His Cybernetic Implants have Merged with his Body at a Sub Atomic Level so Because of His Florauna Regenerating Abilities They Regenerate As Well

Cybernetic Weaponry

  1. Dark Matter Drill
  2. Ion Blaster
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