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General Information
Species Genetically Advanced Fossorvate
Home World Skalos
DNA source The Guardian
Body Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Gold Digger (Coco)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Digging
Drill Hands
Mask Protection
Nocturnal Vision
Shock Waves
Equipment Body Armor
First Appearance Unearthed

Drillbit is an alien transformation in the series, Brandon 10.


Drillbit is a big, bulky shaped humanoid with thick, yellow body armor covering his torso, shoulders, arms and legs. His skin is grey and there are black stripes stretching from the bottom of his eyes, over his head, to his back. His ears are also big. Drillbit has black stripes on his body armor mainly on the torso/chest. His arms are muscular and his hands are some what metallic. They can be changed into drill hands which look like drills but replace the hands. His legs are also short. The Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Drillbit has the ability to dig into the ground at fast speeds. His body armor also protects him from most attacks making him very durable. As an addition to the body armor, it extends his eye sight as he can see in the dark, which is a natural ability but is enhanced further by his armor. When Drillbit hits the ground, he can create a shock wave which spreads out and causes a powerful impact with anything in its path; the soundwave increases as more force is put into the ground.


Drillbit has small legs and his body armor brings him down, making him slow and not as agile. Drillbit also can't drill through certain substances like hardened magma and specific types of metal.


In Unearthed, Brandon unlocked Drillbit by scanning The Guardian and Drillbit destroyed the Pyrocus XIV.

In Across the Planes, Drillbit saves Jessica from The Flat Ones.

In Race, Drillbit attempts to escape an alien garage.

In To The Extreme, Drillbit fights against the Extreme Biker King.


Ultimate Hero

Video Games

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  • Drillbit was originally known as Gold Digger, a mysterious transformation used by Coco in The Original Series. However, Drillbit is technically a new transformation as his DNA is from a genetically advanced Fossorvate.
  • Drillbit was going to have a name change before debuting into the series but there didn't seem to be any good names for him at the time.
  • Drillbit was originally meant to a skinny humanoid in bulky armor as drawn in the draft images but the bulky armor was mistaken as his natural size when the draft images were transferred to the concept art designs.


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