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General Information
Species Slamworm's Spiecies
Home World Terraexcava
DNA source Unknown
Body Worm-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Digging

Acid Spit
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Strength
Sharp Teeth
Enhanced Speed

First Appearance And Then There Were 10 (Melody 10)

Drillagrub is the Cutietrix's sample of an unknown specie from Terraexcava


Drillagrub is part of Melody's Original 10 Aliens.

Powers And Abilities

Drillagrub is a skilled burrower, able to tunnel through almost any surface at remarkable speed.

Drillagrub can use his teeth to chew through hard materials.

Drillagrub can spit balls of acid from his mouth at a rapid pace.


Drillagrub's mouth is sensitive to damage. It can also be tied to pervent him from spitting acid balls.

Drillagrub can only communicate with various growls and snarling. Because of this, it hard for anyone to understand him.

When he gets a cold, he will sneeze acid ball uncontrollably. Leading it to cause a mess.


You can use him for your own series.

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