This is about the Team Tennyson alien. You may be looking for the Simien 10 alien Drillbit.

DrillBit is a new alien Ben and Courtney have on the Omegatrix and Omimatrix. He is a mole or groundhog. He has the abillity to dig to the Earth's Core. He will be a big weapon if captured in the wrong hands. DrillBit also appears in Ambrose 10 Hero Generation.


If he isn't at full power, he can't dig into the Earth Core

Drillbit, if he is think it can hurt its strength (so what I mean is he had moderate intelligence)

Echolocation (because he's blind like a Vulpinmancer)

Species information


Home Planet:Crustina

Name By Ben:DrillBit Name By Courtney:Driller Princess

Dan 10 Time Warrior

DrillBit is being consitered for the series (I have WAY to many aliens in the series right now.)

Ultimatrix Overdrive

Ben regains hims in Cooking With Ben.

Tomas 10

Drillbit is one of Tomas's new aliens. He is mainly used for digging or escape needs.

Kyle 10

Drillbit makes a debut in th kyle 10 halloween

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