General Information
Species Beithigeonian
Home World Geonhithe
Body Beast
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super agility, Super strenght, strong jaws, Scorpion tail, Geokinesis, sharp claws, fast driller
DriNML is a Biethigeonian from the planet Geonhithe in no series. He is a combo between two Simien 10 aliens: Drillbit and NML. He is free to use.


DriNML is a combo between Drillbit and NML. He has the body shape of NML, but the colour of Drillbit. He has Drillbit's eyes as the upper eyes, and a drill on the nose like Drillbit. His tail has a drill instead of a spike, and his claws are much longer.


  • Super agility
  • Super strength
  • Sharp claws
  • Can bite through steel
  • A tail that can slice through steel too
  • Scorpion tail with spike
  • Can shoot acid from his tail
  • Digging underground at enormous speeds
  • Attacking using his claws
  • Geokinesis, controlling ground


DriNML has both of the weaknesses NML and Drillbit have. He cannot talk, he is stupid and scared of fire. Light is also a weakness.

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