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Dream A Little Dream Of Me
General Information
Original broadcast October 19, 2017
Season 1
Episode number 13
Overall episode number 013
Written by Ebomnitrix & CynderWolf07
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Dream A Little Dream Of Me is the thirteenth episode of E-10: The Series.


Ethan must enter inside Maggie's dreams to wake up her after she has fallen into a coma.


[The Agent held a device in his hands. It was a large helmet with cables surrounding them. He placed it on Ethan, adjusting it.]

Ethan: I’m surprised you kept something like this… Wait, what is it again?

Agent: [Sigh] Start paying attention, it’s not hard for the human mind to do simple things such as listening.

Ethan: Sheesh, alright!

Agent: Now, for the third fucking time, this is the Dream Radar system. Cheap name, I know, but the device can send you into other people’s dreams.

[The scene moves to the side, revealing Maggie is wearing the second helmet.]

Ethan: You sure this is going to work?

Sif: I mean we’re the technicians of the group, I’m pretty sure we know what we’re doing.

Agent: Well I’m sure of what I’m doing, I don’t know about you.

[Sif finished setting the last of the pieces of the dream radar machine and stood up.]

Sif: Alright it’s done. You should perfectly be able to go inside Maggie’s dreams.

Agent: Reminds me of the time I... Wait... No, that was just my dream. Nevermind.

[Sif looked confused at the Agent, and Ethan looked up at the ceiling, ready]

Ethan: Alright, I’m ready.

Sif: Good luck in there Ethan.

Agent: Oh, one thing I forgot to tell you. If you die in the dream world, you die in real life.

Ethan: We’re Sword Art Onlining this aren’t we? [Raises Eyebrow, Smiling]

Agent: I was thinking Matrix, but sure.

Ethan: [Sigh] Okay guys, hit the switch!

[Everything went dark, as the switch was heard being activated.]

E-10 logo.png

[Everything zoomed in on Ethan’s eyes as they opened. They wandered around, as Ethan questioned where he was.]

Ethan: What… Where am I? Am I in Maggie’s dream? Wait a minute… Why am I floating?

[Everything zoomed out to Ethan’s full body flying in the air as it was revealed he was thousands of feet in the air.]

Ethan: I’m not floating. [His pitch changed] I’M FALLING!!!!

[Ethan screamed as he was looking down, seeing that a large mountain top was down below him, along with multiple different terrains. Ethan was approaching towards the ground as he was dropping towards a giant swamp. Ethan grabbed the Omnitrix and started dialing for Ripjaws. Everything zoomed out toward the view of the lake as Ethan kept repeatedly hitting the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: Come on you stupid piece of junk!

[Ethan then slammed down, and a green light flashed into the lake. Then from the muddy shore, Ripjaws started climbing out of the water who took deep breathes.]

Ripjaws: I [deep breath] made it… Thank [deep breath] goodness.

[Ripjaws took a look around and saw himself at the edge of the swamp. He looked around to see a murky forest up in front of him.]

Ripjaws: This place, is this an island? Nah it can’t be.. Wherever I am, I have to get to Maggie. [Gasp] Agh… I’m on land… [Bends over] and I don’t think I can breath…

[Ripjaws fell to the ground]

Ripjaws: Water.. Need water…

[Ripjaws turned back to the water, attempting to crawl towards it, but collapsed before he could reach it. He closed his eyes, preparing to pass out and possibly die, but then suddenly nothing happened. Ripjaws opened his eyes, and stood up.]

Ripjaws: Wait a minute, I’m not suffocating? Maybe it’s because I’m in a dream realm or something? I don’t know…

[Ripjaws slammed the Omnitrix symbol, he changed back into Ethan and continued to speak.]

Ethan: But I need to save the battery, just in case. Who knows what kind of freaky, messed-up stuff is in here.

[Ethan began to walk towards the forest, and kept pushing himself through the bushes.]

Ethan: Then again this is Maggie we’re talking about. Not like she would try to kill me as if it were Agent’s world or something.

[By surprise, a anaconda jumped out in front of him. Ethan screamed and stood back ready to hit the Omnitrix. The snake looked at him and then slithered away.]

Ethan: Maybe I spoke too soon?

[The scene then proceeded with Ethan walking down a path. He tried to move tree branches that kept hitting his face, and attempted to walk through multiple bushes. Ethan then stepped over and tripped over a vine falling right into a mud puddle.]

Ethan: Gah!

[Ethan then sat up and wiped the mud off his face, disgusted.]

Ethan: Agh, gross. This is gonna take forever trying to find Maggie. Maybe I’d have better luck trying to use Diamondhead to cut through the forest. Then again, if I don’t find Maggie soon I could be stuck in this place forever. Searching around as Fasttrack probably won’t make the situation any better. Maybe I could use Wildmutt’s scent to try and track her.

[Ethan activated the core from the Omnitrix with Wildmutt selected.]

Ethan: Yeah, let’s do it!

[Ethan slammed down and transformed into Wildmutt, who roared out his name. Wildmutt then began sniffing through the nostrils on his veins and proceeded forward. Wildmutt began running around the forest, he stopped to try and sniff her out more. Wildmutt continued running every few feet and sniffs one way, then he turned into the next direction to try it again. Wildmutt continued further as his paws ran through the puddles. Wildmutt jumped up into the trees and began swinging from branch to branch. Wildmutt jumps to the ground and started sniffing, he picked up another scent and ran towards it. He had made it to the other side of the swamp. There was a creek surrounding most of the ground, with trees centering around him, resembling to when Ethan first found the Omnitrix. Wildmutt tried to use his senses to scout the area, but just as it does, the Omnitrix started timing out and he transformed back into Ethan. Ethan stood up, yawned and took a big stretch.]

Ethan: Well, I must’ve picked something up here. Wildmutt is the one who picked up somebody’s scent here.

[Ethan walked around the swamp, attempting to not get his feet wet from the mud.]

Ethan: Wow, it’s more muddy than the other side of the swamp.

[Ethan looked around to see frogs hopping from pond to pond and bugs flying everywhere. Ethan tried to wipe them away. As he pushed himself through some bushes he found by surprise Silver Stream sitting in the middle of the creek, meditating. Ethan started walking to her as each footstep continued making a splash every step.]

Ethan: Hey, uh Silver Stream?

[Nothing happened.]

Ethan: It’s me Ethan, your friend. Well I mean you’re inside my friend’s head, I guess that doesn’t make much sense.

[She was still silent. Ethan turned in front of her.]

Ethan: Silver Stream, come on. You know you and I go back… about a few months.

[Ethan zoomed into her face, trying to wave his hand, snap his fingers, and just looked at her with his fingers surrounding his chin, thinking.]

Ethan: Maybe she’s asleep or something.

[Silver Stream opened her eyes and Ethan crawled back terrified.]

Silver Stream: Ah, hello Ethan.

Ethan: Hey Silver Stream. Sorry for uh electrocuting you earlier.

Silver Stream: That is quite alright.

Ethan: Uh, where’s Maggie? Is she in you?

Silver Stream: Not really, what you’re in is inside of her head.

Ethan: Yeah I got that.

Silver Stream: Maggie is at the center of her mind, just over a few kilometers that way, then another few kilometers over the next terrain, then up on a mountain top, which will be...

Ethan: ...Another few kilometers.

Silver Stream: Now you get it!

Ethan: Look, I need your help trying to find her, and you’re the only person I know out here who can help me.

Silver Stream: I would like to, but I’m trying to ease my nerves… from before.

[The gas started surrounding the swamp as the mood started to change.]

Ethan: Before?

Silver Stream: Yes. You can’t see it but I’m… very anxious, no, terrified and I am not leaving from this spot, nor will I move another inch. Not until I defeat them...

Ethan: What? Whats got ya so scared that you can’t move away from your spot?

[She started hearing the sounds of screams coming from nearby. Her eyes widened.]

Silver Stream: Them!

[Ethan turned over to see hands raising from the ground, and souls walking toward them, Silver Stream moved back with a fearful expression as her eyes started to glow.]

Silver Stream: No… I tried to help you… Stay away.

Ethan: Reminds me of some kind of horror movie.

[Ethan turned to look at his Omnitrix as Silver Stream floated up in the air.]

Silver Stream: This is seriously not the time for you to be making movie references! We have to think of a way to defeat the illusions, fast!

Ethan: Well what calms her down when it comes to this?

Silver Stream: I don't know!

[Ethan looked over and he saw a path in front of him passed the illusions.]

Ethan: Diamondhead outta clear us some room!

[Ethan slammed down, and everything zoomed down to Grey Matter, standing on a lilypad. He looked at himself.]

Grey Matter: Oh sure, give me the small frog alien for the swamp terrain battlefield. How original!

[Silver Stream starts freezing their feet but they break through easily.]

Grey Matter: Don’t you worry Silver Stream, for brain over brawns work every time under these circumstances!

[The hands started grabbing Grey Matter’s lilypads, and he tried to dodge the hands.]

Grey Matter: Whoa! Hey! Keep your hands off me you illusional poachers!

[Grey Matter hopped onto Silver Stream’s shoulder.]

Grey Matter: I suggest we try to use both brains and brawns after all.

Silver Stream: Just think, what would Maggie do?

Grey Matter: Maggie! I mean Silver Stream. Listen, try using one of your ice attacks to freeze their entire bodies.

Silver Stream: But they break easily through them, and I don’t want to hurt them!

Grey Matter: A brainfreeze never hurts anybody!

Silver Stream: Okay...

[Silver Stream tried launching an ice blast from her palms. The blast fired at the citizens, but the illusions broke the ice with ease.]

Grey Matter: What, Impossible! That blast should’ve given us at least 20 minutes!

Silver Stream: Don’t you get it. We can’t touch these people, most of them are dead and some are plain suffering, I’ve failed all of them .

Grey Matter: Silver Stream, they’re figments of Maggie’s imagination.

Silver Stream: I’m the one who failed them, I’m the one who left them all to rot, I was trying to save them, and now I can’t even save us. Back then I told Maggie to leave, I’m the one who left the village to burn. It’s all my fault!

Grey Matter: That is not true. None of this had to be your fault, you were only doing the best you can. I know you’re better than this! Silver Stream, fight it!

[The hands started grabbing Grey Matter off Silver Stream’s shoulder. Grey Matter screamed. They began pulling him into the creek.]

Grey Matter: Agh!

[The Omnitrix powered down and he turned back into Ethan.]

Ethan: Maggie…

[He was being pulled in, with only his hand raising out to Silver Stream.]

[Silver Stream glared and zoomed over to grab Ethan, she struggled to pull him and her eyes flashed.]

Silver Stream: I’ll save all of you.

[Silver Stream launched an entire wave of ice, that turned the whole swamp into a winter wonderland. The citizens started fading away, so did the illusional hands. The gas faded away from her, and Ethan was shivering.]

Ethan: Th-Th-That… was so cool… but s-so… not cool…

Silver Stream: I’ll buy you a hot chocolate when we’re out of here, or Maggie will.

[Silver Stream made a smile and Ethan smiled back. As they continued through the forest, Ethan and Silver Stream began making conversation.]

Ethan: So why were you saying all of those lives lost were your fault? Were you holding down shackles because of some crazy event.

Silver Stream: When Maggie was little, our power was drained by some… mad monster.

Ethan: Mad Monster?

Silver Stream: More like a witch. Since that day something felt missing and her village was left to burn with every house burning before us. There was nothing we could do, all we could do was escape. Kotchya and I were responsible for saving all the other people’s lives when Maggie could do nothing.

Ethan: You mean you were never originally with Maggie in the first place?

Silver Stream: No we were, she just couldn’t summon most of her powers since she was so young, despite there wasn’t really anything we could do… This all happened when Maggie was 11 years old.

Ethan: Yeesh! I’m sorry you three had to go through all that. Is that part of the reason why Maggie went so crazy during the dance.

Silver Stream: Well that was part of the reason, the other… [she eyed at Ethan.]

Ethan: [Sigh] Right…

Silver Stream: If you want to make things right, we have to go find Kotchya first. Only then we can approach Maggie and try to rid the gas from her body and spirit.

Ethan: Well we better get started. I just hope Kotchya won’t try to kill me this time, it seems that every time I run into her she always tries to kill me.

Silver Stream: Not to worry, with me at your side she shouldn’t be able to hurt anyone in any way.

Ethan: Do you have any idea where she’s at?

Silver Stream: Oh I know where she is. Kotchya’s terrain is more of the mix between a desert and a jungle. Like where the Aztecs used to live.

Ethan: Well that narrows it down.

Silver Stream: Don’t worry, we should approach her soon. By any chance is your Omnitrix working?

Ethan: [Checking] No it’s still recharging.

Silver Stream: Well we better brace ourselves, when Kotchya gets emotional, she can become really feisty.

Ethan: Yeah… I remember.

[As they hiked further through the swamp, Silver Stream created an ice bridge for her and Ethan to slide to the other side, Ethan eventually landed in some mud and groaned with irritation. They helped each other from quicksand, to fighting animals, etc. Eventually the two made it to a jungle with desert features. They looked down to see the heat temperature rising, Ethan wiped the sweat off his face.]

Silver Stream: We better hurry, for who knows what we might face next.

[A Gorilla stepped before guarding the entrance. It started pounding its chest and then saw Ethan and Silver Stream above the hill. It sprang towards them and Silver Stream raised out her arm, and the Gorilla turned into a statue and fell into the river.]

Ethan: Well, that was one of the most randomest thing I have ever seen, and been killed.

[Silver Stream created an ice slide, and the two slid downward towards the entrance. The two walked further into the jungle until they reached the end of the path, they saw a modern adobe house nearby.]

Ethan: Let me guess, it’s all one big trap?

Silver Stream: Maybe.

Ethan: This is Kotchya’s fear?

Silver Stream: Well…

[Slowly gas started to surround the area, and then suddenly the adobe house started catching on fire. Loud screams were heard from inside. The Omnitrix began to flash from red to green, and Ethan turned to the Omnitrix to raise the Omnitrix core, then raised his arm back.]

Ethan: This house needs to chill out!

[Ethan slammed down and transformed into Heatblast by mistake.]

Heatblast: Heatblast? Still a good choice.

[Heatblast attempted to absorb the fire, but nothing happened.]

Heatblast: What?!

Silver Stream: It’s an illusion Ethan, nothing you can do will stop it. We need to get inside and figure out what’s causing this.

[Heatblast nodded at her. The two ran inside the doorway and started searching the place, then suddenly Kotchya stood back from a Maggie’s mother and big sister trying to attack her.]

Kotchya: No, please. I don’t wanna hurt you!

[Kotchya created a stone wall to protect herself, the figures walked through it.]

Maggie’s Mother: Why didn’t you come back to help us?

Maggie’s Sister: You were the one personality I looked up to.

Kotchya: Gah! Curse these illusions!

[Kotchya flew a few feet away in fright.]

Maggie’s Mother and Sister: We’re slaves because of you.

Kotchya: Please, it’s not my fault! I did try to save you, I was only doing the best I could.

Silver Stream: Kotchya’s trial.

Heatblast: Come on, we have to help her.

[Silver Stream grabbed his shoulder to stop him from moving.]

Silver Stream: No. This is something only Kotchya can deal with.

Heatblast: We can’t let her suffer like this. Isn’t there something we can do?

[Silver Stream nodded no. Heatblast turned over. His body stood frozen as he tried to come up with something, but he couldn’t act, he couldn’t move. He could only just watch.]

Kotchya: Leave me alone!

[She tries throwing air-bursts, and that did nothing.]

Maggie’s Mother: Why would you want to hurt us again?

Maggie’s Sister: I thought you cared about us.

Kotchya: I do… I...

[Kotchya looked over to see Heatblast standing on the doorway, watching the action.]

Kotchya: You!

[Kotchya’s eyes glew and she flew over to Heatblast and started pinning him down.]

Kotchya: You did this to me! You did this to Maggie and her family!

Heatblast: No, you got it all wrong!

Kotchya: Liar!

[Kotchya created a large burst of wind and threw Heatblast out of the house, and flew into the ground. Kotchya flew over toward him. The illusions behind her began smiling.]

Heatblast: Kotchya, please. It’s me your friend.

Kotchya: If you were my friend, you wouldn’t have burnt down my village, Maggie’s home.

[Silver Stream ran at the entrance and tried to get Ethan’s attention.]

Silver Stream: Ethan! It’s your transformation, hit the Omnitrix and she’ll see it’s you.

[Heatblast stood up. Kotchya stared down, getting ready to attack.]

Heatblast: Okay, I know one way I can prove it to you.

[Heatblast hit the Omnitrix symbol and changed back into Ethan.]

Ethan: It’s me, It’s Ethan.

Kotchya: Oh.. it’s you...

Ethan: Yes, now can you stop trying to kill me? I know we’re not at the best of terms, but come on.

[Kotchya landed on the ground and looked at Silver Stream. The illusions began talking behind her.]

Maggie’s Mother: Maggie failed us and so do the ancients.

[Kotchya looked back and walked toward them.]

Kotchya: We haven’t failed you, not yet.

[They glared and the illusion disappeared, so did the burning adobe home. Kotchya sat down and took a few breaths.]

Silver Stream: Well done.

[Kotchya nodded.]

Kotchya: Silver Stream.

Ethan: Hey just a thought, but why was Kotchya seeing me as someone who started all this?

Silver Stream: Must be the hallucinations. Whatever it is, we need to keep moving.

Ethan: Yeah as if we haven’t figured out how to get out of this place. Okay we haven’t!

Kotchya: We’re only halfway to reaching Maggie. If you’re here with me, finding Maggie from here on out shouldn’t be too hard.

[The clouds started to fade and a mountain appeared before them, Ethan turned around and was surprised.]

Kotchya: We just have to climb the mountain and go through the tunnels.

Ethan: Oh great, more walking.

Silver Stream: Don’t worry Ethan, it’ll all be over soon.

[As they together hiked through every hill, every footstep they took, lead them closer to Maggie got to the edge of the land they stopped. Silver Stream created water blades to cut through the trees while Kotchya created stepping stones whenever they needed to cross through rivers. Ethan kept looking around as he found even more bizarre stuff lurking around the mountains. Eventually they made it to a dead end as the three walked through a grey, bland desert terrain.]

Ethan: What is this place?

Kotchya: We aren’t sure but all we know is that after the past events, that beast took something from us.

[As they got to the edge of the land they stopped. They looked over to reach the other side.]

Silver Stream: We need to make it to the other side.

Ethan: Well, it’s not like there’s a bridge here.

Kotchya: There used to be one until the gas destroyed it.

[Kotchya began creating stone gap from one side to another, Silver Stream assisted by creating an icy path for them to follow, and decorating the area. Together they made a the bridge was made of ice and stone. They smirked and gave each other a high five.]

Ethan: Nice work.

Silver Stream: Before we cross, we must warn you.

Kotchya: Take caution or else you will fall into the abyss and never return.

[Ethan began to remember the Agent’s words.]

Agent (Memory): If you die in the dream world, you die in real life.

Ethan: ...Well that makes it all the safer.

[Ethan laughed nervously and the two began walking, Ethan then ran up to catch up to them.]

Ethan: Wait up!

[Ethan made it and the three began walking across the bridge. As Ethan continued walking he took a deep breath and raised his arms behind his head. Soon a gas started surrounding the entire area. Eventually one of the pieces of ice began to crack below as Kotchya and Silver Stream took their footsteps over it, Ethan took a step and he began to trip and fall. The two ran over toward where Ethan fell.]

Silver Stream, Kotchya: Ethan!

[Ethan’s hand was hanging on by the edge.]

Ethan: Agh, I could really use an assist right about now!

[The two began to pull him up, Ethan attempted to bend his knee up as he started climbing to safety and made it to the top. Ethan took deep breathes.]

Ethan: Man… that was close…

Silver Stream: We told you to be careful!

Ethan: I did… I…

[Ethan looked up above and saw the gas was surrounding the bridge.]

Ethan: Wait a minute, it’s the gas. The gas is trying to prevent us from moving forward, that’s why you two were stuck under the illusions, it’s not because of the side effects, it’s the gas itself!

Kotchya: That would mean Gastly toxic’s must be affecting the area, making it harder to reach so we won’t wake up Maggie. It doesn’t want us to wake her, otherwise the gas leaves our realm and will cease to exist.

Ethan: All the more reason we need to make it to her fast.

[The bridge began to shake and it started falling apart.]

Ethan: Run!

[Ethan, Kotchya and Silver Stream began running to the other side of the bridge, Kotchya began floating, and proceeded to the other side with fast flight. Silver Stream created an ice trail, and grabbed Ethan.]

Silver Stream: Hang on!

[The three rushed over and just barely made it to the other side, they took a few breathes.]

Kotchya: There!

[She pointed at the tunnel.]

Kotchya: That’s it. All we have to do is enter the tunnel and we’re home free.

Ethan: Great let’s move.

[The two ran over to the tunnels and made it inside. The tunnels glew a light blue with flowers blooming around the area. Ethan gazed as he looked around.]

Silver Stream: This is where Maggie holds her memories. Try not to grab the flowers.

[Ethan looked down at one of the flowers and it showed a few memories. From Maggie’s village being burnt down to Maggie training with a blind friend in a dojo. It then showed Maggie fighting off V.V. Argost in the forest to her meeting Ethan back in the alleyway, and lastly to Maggie hiding her feelings from Ethan as he acted clueless, she turned away in shame. Ethan looked out of the flower and looked down.]

Ethan: Aw man…

Silver Stream: It’s this way, hurry!

[Ethan caught up to Kotchya and Silver Stream and he made it out of the tunnel. Everything started glowing right in his face and it eventually dimmed. Everything was surrounded by black vines, and purple crystals as he continued to walk further. He saw moss and some growing plants. Giant status of crystals began to surround a giant lake, with rock walls, the view was revealed the cavern with Maggie at the center of the pond a rock. Ethan moved past Kotchya and Silver Stream, he saw Maggie looking towards the wall.]

Silver Stream: Now go talk to her.

Ethan: But I…

Kotchya, Silver Stream: Do it!

[They pushed Ethan over to Maggie, and he tried to think of something to say.]

Ethan: Uh…

Maggie: I’m not surprised that you came into my comatose dream.

Ethan: Well.. I figured-.

Maggie: What do you want?

Ethan: I’m here to get you out of here.

Maggie: Why?

Ethan: Because your friends need you, I need you.

Maggie: Oh and that’s enough?

Ethan: Look, I’m sorry about what happened, I didn’t know you had any feelings for me really. It’s just…

[She looked over at him angrily.]

Maggie: Of course you didn’t know.

Ethan: Well I…

Maggie: You messed with my emotions while I was hooked on gas. What’s worse is you went to the dance with a supervillain.

Ethan: Actually... I turned her down and went with Serena.

Maggie: I don’t care! You still went and I kept throwing hints and signs at you since the moment we met. Well maybe I didn’t make as many when the Weatherheads went up in our asses, but that’s besides the point! You used me and you lead me on, now I don’t even want to look at you.

Ethan: Maggie, look, I had… some feelings deep down in there too. It’s just… I didn’t wanna get rejected or risk anything happening to the team. Not that the Agent would care… or Sif… But still!

Maggie: I don’t even like you anymore Ethan. All I want is for you to go away, leave me be. I don’t care.

[Ethan looked down and Silver Stream began to spoke.]

Silver Stream: Now Maggie that is not true, we know you better than that. That’s not how you feel towards Ethan.

Maggie: Zip it Silver Stream!

Kotchya: What we mean is, we know you’re attached to your friends and your home. Don’t you forget the promise we made to go back and save your village from the one who took everything from them and you.

Maggie: We lost the Alpha Sapphire! And what’s the point of saving my village when most of the people were enslaved and everything was burnt to the ground, we saw it ourselves.

Ethan: Now that’s not the Maggie we know. I made a promise to you that we would help save your village, and I plan to keep that promise, you can’t just give up on something like this.

Maggie: I’m not giving up on them I’m giving up on you and your team!

[She stood over them and her eyes were glowing with the color of the gas. The trio was frightened.]

Maggie: I don’t even know why I’m sitting here taking this from you personalities, or this boy who lied to me and betrayed me this entire time. I can’t take this anymore, get him.

Ethan: What?

Glitched Maggie: She’s talking about me.

[A illusion of Maggie appeared as she walked over next to Maggie.]

Glitched Maggie: You see, Maggie isn’t going anywhere, and as long as I’m keeping her here, she’s never gonna want to leave.

Ethan: Okay, now this is some bull shit TV Drama going on right here. Whatever, I’ve been wanting to see what it’d be like to fight an evil version of one of my friends. Well now things just got interesting!

[He made a determined look as he raised the Omnitrix in the air, making a fist] ______________________________________________________________________

Glitched Maggie: Pft. You really want to fight me? I would walk away and leave now while you still have the chance.

Ethan: I mean, you’re basically her but even more angry.

Glitched Maggie: Wrong I’m better.

Ethan: If you’re so better then why won’t you take the chance?

Glitched Maggie: Because you’re not worth my time.

Ethan: Oh really, says the one with an up-tight attitude and the obnoxious looking jacket you got there. Are you looking like a metalhead, that was so last year.

Glitched Maggie: Shut up!

[She tried to strike at Ethan and he dodged her by jumping back.]

Ethan: C'mon Maggie, A gothic looking version of yourself? Really? You can do better than that!

[She struck him again and landed a hit. Blood splattered from his mouth.]

Ethan: [Wipes] Okay, now I’m angry.

[Ethan raised his arm up and slammed down on the Omnitrix. In a flash he transformed into Big Chill and used his frost breath attack to turn the Glitched Maggie into a statue.]

Big Chill: There, done and done. Now can we go home now?

[The ice shattered and red aura surrounded her. It was then revealed that Slapstrike broke through the ice.]

Slapstrike: Not until you really see what I can do!

Big Chill: Oh this should be fun.

[Big Chill flew over towards Slapstrike, as he tried to make a hit, Big Chill froze his fist before making contact. Slapstrike broke the ice open.]

Big Chill: Sorry, but you’re not cool enough to try and face me!

Slapstrike: I don’t need might to finish you.

[Slapstrike tapped on his Omnitrix and turned into Fasttrack. He dashed towards Big Chill, and grabbed him by the leg. Big Chill turned intangible, but Fasttrack still held on with static surrounding his fist.]

Big Chill: You can’t touch me when I’m intangible!

Fasttrack: As long as I can produce enough electricity, I’ll be able to stick to you like glue, also…

[Fasttrack electrocuted Big Chill. He screamed and he fell into the floor paralyzed. Fasttrack jumped down.]

Fasttrack: It’s all about skill Ethan, that’s why Maggie doesn’t like you.

[A flash occurred from the ground and Big Chill transformed into ChamAlien.]

ChamAlien: You’re wrong, it’s not about what someone is on the outside.

[ChamAlien turned invisible. Fasttrack tried to strike him but he missed the attack.]

ChamAlien (voice): It’s about what’s on the inside, what counts.

[He tried again but missed, as soon as the Glitched Ethan heard what he said, he came up with an idea and slammed on the Omnitrix. He transformed into Wildmutt, he started sniffing around the area, and found ChamAlien, he striked at ChamAlien and bit on his tail.]


[Wildmutt threw ChamAlien to the side, with bite marks on his tail. ChamAlien looked up.]

ChamAlien: Somebody should’ve taught you how to be housetrained.

[ChamAlien slammed on the Omnitrix, and Wildmutt could barely sense Ethan anymore, eventually Wildmutt started biting on his front legs as he felt an itch. Wildmutt started itching everywhere. Grey Matter started giggling.]

Grey Matter: Tickle-Tickle-Tickle.

Wildmutt: Grrrrrrrr!

[Wildmutt slammed on the Omnitrix, and stood up as Heatblast. Grey Matter went flying and screaming backward.]

Grey Matter: Hot, Hot-hot-hot, HOT!

[Grey Matter powered down into Ethan, as Ethan stood back. Heatblast started playing with a fireball then threw it at Ethan. He jumped to his left, then raised up his arm. Ethan dialed an alien and slammed down, and transformed into Slapstrike. Slapstrike created a sonic clap and blew out Heatblast’s flame, flying back. Slapstrike glared at the unconscious Heatblast, but widened his eyes as he transformed into Diamondhead. Diamondhead created his shard-mine attack as diamonds blasted through the ground at Slapstrike, Slapstrike blocked for cover and started sliding back. Diamondhead then ran at Slapstrike, and the two made hand to hand combat. Maggie looked over and saw Diamondhead starting to crack, and blood splattering from Slapstrike’s face, but continued fighting.]

Maggie: Stop… Stop, this isn’t what I want!

[Slapstrike looked over at the concerned Maggie, and Diamondhead smacked Slapstrike in the face and fell over. The Omnitrix started beeping and he timed out back into Ethan.]

Diamondhead: Face it, you're just too weak to beat me.

Silver Stream: But we aren't.

[Silver Stream shot water at her but it fazed through her, Kotchya was surprised creating a stone trap and it didn’t affect her. Ethan sat up as Maggie looked at him. Maggie helped him up and Ethan could only squat over, as he held on to Maggie to stand.]

Ethan: Is this really the kind of person you want to be, someone who's so angry and thoughtless? You’re just going to sit there and let yourself get toyed with these emotions, and mentally mess with your mind.

Maggie: I did. But then I couldn’t take any of your crap anymore, I’ve been too patient with you, but all you did was annoy the ever living hell out of me, I’m sick of it. I wish I never accepted your offer to help you. It’s your fault I lost the Alpha Sapphire.

Ethan: Look, making you lose the Alpha Sapphire was my fault. We’ll get it back!

Maggie: Yeah I know. Ever since we met, it’s all been your fault, your fault I couldn’t save my village.

Ethan: You don’t know that!

Maggie: Yes, I do. Everything from the beginning, it’s all been your fault.

Ethan: Is this even the real Maggie talking, or is it the gas? I can see it in your eyes. I know the real Maggie would never say anything like that. She wouldn’t pin the blame it on somebody else, she would never take anything back or give up, not until the very end. Are you going to let the gas consume you? Or are you going to lose your me and your personalities again? Is that what you want?

[Maggie looked over at Ethan shocked. She turned around and her eyes turned back to normal.]

Maggie: No. [Looks up] I know what I want.

[Her eyes glew, Kotchya and Silver Stream looked over to see Maggie, she walked over.]

Maggie: With me.

[Kotchya and Silver Stream merged into Maggie, and her eyes glew brighter. Diamondhead turned back into Glitched Maggie.]

Glitched Maggie: What are you doing? You’re the one who wanted me here. You were mad at Ethan.

Maggie: Yes I was.

Glitched Maggie: Then finish him off, what are you waiting for? Finish him and you can be in the perfect world and stay asleep, and never ever deal with his bullshit again.

Maggie: No, that’s not what I want. What I want is to bring peace to everybody around me.

[She punched the Glitched Maggie.]

Maggie: What I want is to save all the people I care about.

[She punched her again, and she started breaking.]

Maggie: And what I want… is to not be angry anymore.

[Maggie turned into a fusion of Kotchya and Silver Stream and she started shaking the entire valley. Clouds started forming around her and everything was shaking. Ethan headed for cover. Maggie created a large wind blast that threw the Glitched Maggie away and started breaking its existence.]

Glitched Maggie: Agh, no… No!!!!

[The gas started shrinking as the air started to clear up with Agent’s antidote from earlier. She screamed and the gas disappeared from the air. Maggie flew down to the ground and changed back, with the personalities jumping out of her. Ethan walked over to her.]

Ethan: Is it over?

Maggie: Yeah.

Silver Stream: Now the gas has been erased from existence.

Kotchya: And it’s all thanks to you Ethan.

Ethan: Great, now let’s go. [Ethan turned around and began moving.] The Agent needs us back here and…

Maggie: Ethan. I can’t just leave yet.

Ethan: [Turns around] Why? What do you mean?

Maggie: My body suffered extreme damage from both Gastly and the Homecoming Dance. Right now my body needs to heal, after all I am in a coma.

Ethan: Oh, true.

Maggie: Don’t worry, I’ll be back up and moving again in a couple days.

Ethan: Or a week...

Maggie: I’ll be fine, alright?

Ethan: Yeah, just… I’m sorry for what happened to you, I never knew I was toying with your emotions. Why didn’t you just come and tell me you had feelings for me.

Maggie: You clueless fuck, I tried to give you many hints but you just [Smack] couldn’t [Smack] see it. [Smack]

Ethan: Agh!

Maggie: But I always do this to crushes, I look to see if you know dating you would be worth it or if you’ve got a good head on your shoulders. Look, do you even have any feelings for me?

Ethan: Um… well… to be honest. When you kissed me when we met, I knew that was all a trick, but I felt something there you know, and right now I wouldn’t mind seeing where that could go.

Maggie: Well, I’m still pissed at you. So if you’re ever gonna make it up to me, then you better make it up to me as soon as I wake up.

Ethan: Alright…

Maggie: Great, it’s a deal. But before I ever decide to do anything about it, I need to think about it for a while.

Ethan: Alright. Well, sleep tight Maggie, and don’t let the bedbugs bite.

Maggie: [Rolls eyes] You cheesey fuck.

Ethan: And it was great seeing you again Kotchya and Silver Stream!

[Kotchya frowned.]

Silver Stream: You too.

Ethan: Oh and it was nice of you not to kill me this time Kotchya, hope you won’t try and do it again, because if you do I’ll kill your ass.

[Silver Stream started holding Kotchya back as she raged back at Ethan.]

Kotchya: I’d like to see you try you little shit, I swear I will-

Ethan: Until then, Stay Gold!

[Ethan grabbed the sides of his head, and he disappeared in a flash. Then the next scene showed Ethan waking up in the real world.]

Agent: Holy shit. He’s alive! Sif, grab the hammer, I don’t think the dead are supposed to move.

Sif: What happened in there Ethan?

Ethan: Well I went inside Maggie’s dream, turns out the antidote didn’t fully cure her of the gas.

Sif: Damn.

Ethan: But don’t worry I took care of it.

Agent: Then why isn’t she awake?

Ethan: While she is in a coma, she said it should take about a week to recover. Until then, all we have to do is sit and wait.

Agent: Alright... So does anybody wanna see her naked?

[Ethan and Sif blushed.]

Ethan: Dude!

Sif: That is not cool man.

Agent: What, you wouldn’t wanna look at her naked too? You bunch of homosexuals.

[Everything started zooming out from the base as the three continued their conversation.]

Ethan: Hey, it just so happens I actually respect women.

Sif: And actually, I’m a pansexual.

Ethan: What? Gross!

Sif: Hey!

Agent: Ethan, it just so happens your perv factor is ranked up to 4 on a scale of 5. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t wanna see this sexy piece of ass naked.

Ethan: Alright fine. Just... one quick peek.

Agent: No, stop, please. It was a joke, no, don't do it. We don't want more jokes about this sort of thing!

Ethan: BUT YOU’RE THE ONE WHO… [He groaned.]

[Everything faded into black back inside a fortress in a castle. A mysterious woman was sitting on her throne, as her knights stood right next to her. Two mysterious ninjas walked inside.]

Mysterious Woman: Have you found the girl?

Mysterious Ninja: Yes we have your honor. We saw her hanging out in an alien military base back in Illinois, then we last saw her in Dellsview, it seemed to be she was spotted at a high school’s homecoming dance. Then we last saw her at a storage center nearby.

Mysterious Woman: So she’s hanging around the United States is she? Good. Send a troop to attack there immediately. We need all the resources we can find, so we can bring her to us.


E-10 ED02 - Episode 13.png

Major Events

  • Maggie's backstory is hinted in this episode.
  • Ethan and Maggie both admit they have small feelings each other. But they decide to discuss about them later.
  • Maggie decides to stay in her comatose state until her body is fully healed.
  • A mysterious villain sends a troop after Maggie.


Aliens Used

By Ethan

By Glitched Maggie


  • Ethan and the Agent both make references to Sword Art Online and the Matrix before Ethan is about to head into Maggie's dreams.


  • This is the first episode to have only and all of the main cast for the credits. Excluding the mysterious villain.
  • This is one of the few episodes since Sif's debut, he does not use his armors.
  • Sif's sexuality is confirmed, he is a pansexual.
  • Despite not being used in this episode. This is the last episode to use the OP, Flow - Hero.
  • Glitched Ethan was originally supposed to be the one keeping Maggie from leaving in the episode, but this was changed to Glitched Maggie to make the episode less sappy and give more of a reason to keep her inside.
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