Dreadskull is a skeleton/zombie type alien. He is similar to Ghostfreak because he has a scary character, has one eye, has a skull head, and Borg 10 loses control of him, in an episode of Borg 10- Alien Rescue Squad, Losing Control. He is from the planet Skull-Necros and is a SkullBoneBorg 10 tries to use it the least as possible because he is a little scared of using him. He is an alien from the Omnitrox.


  • Can make his opponents have dark illusions and go under his control with a wave that can come out from its one eye or with a single touch 
  • Can stay alive in space
  • Un-effected by magic/curses and mana attacks
  • Can connect/talk with souls
  • Can touch the untangable
  • Can absorb negative energy
  • Can shoot energy beams from its eye
  • Night and heat vision
  • High agility


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