Drawer is the Dimension 23 counterpart of Sketch.


Drawer is a heavily redesigned version of Sketch. His jumpsuit has been replaced by a stereotypical artist's outfit. His eyes are now light blue. His skin is now cyan. The Dimension 23 Omnitrix is on his hat.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Lingidem, Drawer can transform into anything and everything. He can pretty much do everything. He's essentially a god without omnipotence.


His size can be exploited if he doesn't transform. His transformations retain their original weaknesses.


Prior to the creation of the Omnitrix, a DNA sample of a Lingidem was acquired. It was eventually unlocked by Ben 23 at an unknown time.


When an episodes that involves Ben 23 demands for an alien similar to Sketch.


  • While creating this page, Shades realized that intelligent Omnitrix wielders could potentially use Sketch/Drawer to transform into Ultimate Sketch/Drawer.
  • Drawer as picked as it shows Ben 23's inability to name his aliens properly.
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