General Information
Species Dracoratis
Home World Unknown
Body Reptilian Quadruped
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Dragon's Ire
Fire Breathing
Enhanced Durability
Classification Fauna
First Appearance TBA

Drakomodo is an alien from Tech 10: Combalien Evolution.

His evolved form is Ultimate Drakomodo.


Drakomodo's abilities include:

  • Dragon's Ire
    • Dragon's Ire is a unique green fire that only Drakomodo's species has been known to create. Dragon's Ire does not physically harm its victims, but its effects are twofold: first, it forms a link between the target and Drakomodo, making him able to track the target no matter where it goes. Second, it drastically lowers the target's "luck", so to speak, making it a much easier target.
  • Fire Breath
    • Drakomodo can breathe normal orange fire if he chooses to do so.
  • Fire Immunity
    • Drakomodo is immune to both regular fire and Dragon's Ire.
  • Enhanced Durability
    • Drakomodo's tough scales make it difficult for attacks to pierce his skin.


Drakomodo is a 6-foot reptilian creature resembling a mix between a dragon and a Dimetrodon. He has spikes running down his neck and back, with a teal sail running between the back spikes. He has three horns, one on top of his head and two on the sides. The Reformatted Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest.


Drakomodo is cold-blooded, and will become lethargic and slow in cold environments.

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